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  1. I know how to move the parts, but Cura won't let me "overlap" them. Ideally I would like those hooks to interlock between two parts so that I can put them closer together.
  2. Hello Does anyone know how I can move objects closer together so I can print more objects at the same time. The screenshot shows a lot of unused space and I would like to optimize my available space.
  3. I am not using the Thunderbolt Ethernet interface at both of my macs. But, the proxy detection was turned on, I am curious if this works with me when I get home.
  4. I just tried installing Cura on an iMac (same OS version). I also just updated both to 10.13.2. On the iMac Cura works just fine, but on my macbook it keeps crashing when I try to connect to my UM3E.
  5. I have Bullguard running, but I have the same result when I stop it. Might the logs give some insight to you?
  6. I'm running OS X 10.13.1 (17B1003), and I'm not using any proxy. I am trying the solutions mentioned on GitHub, but so far no luck.
  7. Hi, II completely removed Cura from my mac before upgrading to 3.1. I had to do this to get Cura to run in te first place. But when I try to connect to my UM3E (which is running the latest firmware) the software crashes. Has anyone any idea how I can fix this?
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