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  1. I suspect you are correct Bob. I've already boxed it up and sent it off for repair. Not at all great timing (never is) but hopefully a quick and easy repair.
  2. Came in this morning to find the screen blank on the s5. Just a white screen. restarted the machine. Now I only see vertical stripes. Have restarted several times. Several different patterns of stripes, but nothing else. Pics below. Camera in machine still works and Cura can find it. All software up to date. Tried restart without materials station connected and it started as normal. Turned off machine and reconnected materials station and it failed to restart properly, back to vertical stripes. Tried again without materials station attached, back to vertical stripes.
  3. Kinda wondering what the environment would be in the shop mentioned in the OP. Humidity might have been a factor. It is a new space with a new climate control system. I've not measured the humidity, but it doesn't seem humid. It is very chilly, however. The AC is set low and I don't have local control over the setting. The problem is, the AC is usually turned off over the weekend so the climate in the makerspace would have changed. I am sure the humidity would have increased.
  4. I'll give it a try, don't think I can make things much worse.
  5. You are correct SandervG the model on the 3 came loose. It was a long (30hr) print with multiple parts (not set-up by me) which was bound to fail from the start. I was not there to veto. The 2+ print also failed, but in an odd way. It was running overnight. In the morning i found half the object printed on the bed, but the printer was showing a z axis error and I found a huge blob of PLA under the print bed.
  6. On Friday this happened on one of the 2+. That is orange PLA completely encasing the wires. I thought it was a bit of bad luck and would box it up and send it in for repairs. Today I walked in and found a failed print in one of the new 3's and this mess. I assume I have to send them both in for repair, but thought I would check to see if anyone had an idea why this was happening. Both were using RS Pro PLA. And both had just had successful prints from these filament reels. The 2+ has been in use for about 8 months and the 3 for less than 6 weeks.
  7. Fixed. Blasted it out with an air compressor. Thank you for the help.
  8. The SD card on one of our 2+ won't click in. Anyone else encountered this? Any known fixes? Does the card reader need to be replaced?
  9. thanks for all the help neotko, successfully printing.
  10. Good news! After some bending and twisting of the front fan bracket, I closes and stays in place as the printhead moves around. Thank you for the advice tomnagel. The bad news is that I can't get it to print anything. I completed the setup steps and loaded a print onto the USB, but it just keeps telling me that "the difference between the height of the printcores exceeds realistic values." ???
  11. I was able to push the shaft back into the sideblock. The magnets are pushed all the way back into their plastic holders so I don't think they are extending out too far. The magnets work and other magnets stick to the bolts, but even when I take both printheads out and press the cover closed and see that they are touching the bolts, they don't stick. The cover itself is flexing like a spring and pushes the magnets away from the bolts when I let go.
  12. I also just noticed this. Shouldn't this bar fully engaged in the block? Same issue front and back. I can push it all the way out. Was this machine checked before it left the factory?
  13. The magnets are glued in. I don't see anyway to shift them.
  14. Cover is open and print heads are in. Won't stay closed Magnets won't engage
  15. Setting up our new 3 extended and can't get the printhead cover to close. The printhead cover was taped shut when we unboxed. We removed the tape to put in the BB printhead and the cover won't close. Tried to close it without the printheads installed, and it still won't close. The magnets appear to be spaced too far from the bolts. Advice?
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