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  1. Agree with LePaul. People want to control it from Cura as we're doing it with Repetier Host, Pronterface or Simplify3D! The new preheat and Gcode send tab it is really insufficient. We need a configurable movement jog (capable to invert directions), layer fan level, flow rate, speed, stop motors... At least for me, its a must to leave others hosts/slicers.
  2. I'm sorry for disturb your conversation. Can anyone give some help about the question I did? My printer work well with the tool change script from Simplify3D software but my aproach need to say Marlin FW where the tool is docked and know what tool need to park and who catch on tool change operation. FYI: I'm not professional programmer.
  3. Hello everyone: I've decided to give a try your magnetic change tool idea, but on Marlin firmware. The HW part was easy, my tool change and tools dock work as expected on my corexy 3d printer, based on gcode movements scripts. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPrkprSMp72lGJGt_kH_XNHlfAwQs7Cx9gEU2iv I'm trying to make 3 independent exchangeable printheads. But i would like to do in Marlin firmware to make it independent to the slicer/host used to slice. I was digging on the forum, foehnsturm and Tinkergnome's postings and i couldn't find code from to start. At github just can get a comp
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