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  1. Hi I just bought a .25 EVERLAST nozzle from 3DSolex and I hv a difficult time trying to perfect the print. I hv no problem now with 0.4 or larger nozzle, but .25nozzle, I dont seem to understand it. Here's my setting in CURA: [.25 nozzle] Layer height: 0.06mm Layer width: 0.25mm Print speed: 30mm/s Retraction: Off Filament: Ultimaker brand PLA filament Temperature (default 200C) on 100% flow, the nozzle will stop extruding filament after the first few layers. I thought the nozzle is clogged, but it is not. If I start a new print without cleaning it or whatsoever, it will work just fine. There doesnt seem to hv any problem with the feeder. I was thinking if it required lesser flow. Here is what it looks like: I hv tried pushing it up to 110% flow rate even, but it will stop printing after a few layers up. After a lot of experiment, Flow higher than 105% will result in nozzle failing to extrude anything after a minute into printing. By "stop printing" I mean the nozzle stop extruding filament, before showing signs of under extrusion. Most often it didn't really clogged. Can anyone here kindly advise me what is wrong with the print? I try cleaning the nozzles, i make sure the filament is ok, the feeder is working. And still every time I do a print at 100% flow after a while it goes under extrusion and stop extruding . HOWEVER the first layer always look good, I have no idea how this is happening. If someone here got successful using the 3DSolex .25 nozzle, please would you share the setting you do on CURA? [uPDATE] Here's my Latest attempt: Not sure if there's signs of under extrusion, but the top layers seemed gone missing, perhaps the nozzle stop extruding starting from there. When I start a new print again(deliberately without cleaning the nozzle), the nozzle will work just fine. So I am thinking if this is a flow related issue, but I hv tried a lot of different settings from 40% to 110%. Really frustrated and want to know if anyone else got the .25 solex core working on UM3, and would share how the setting was done in CURA.
  2. Mine nozzle always got clogged so its amazing u can do 36hr print already 8) I hv similar issues like yours but since I am with a .25 nozzle so perhaps it's easier to get blocked. Can you remove the nozzle from the print core? What I did was to hit up printcore temperature through the UM3 menu, and turn of the machine, take it out while it is still hot, and the unscrew the nozzle from the core (becuz sometimes when it is clogged inside, the filament that got stuck inside can make it very difficult to unscrew the nozzle from the printcore, so it is best to do it while it is hot and filament is soft inside). Do this carefully, dont break the print core, we just want to separate the nozzle head from the print core. After that, just clean it like u did with normal nozzles. I am talking about nozzle head here, dont mess with the print core!! Perhaps use a lighter to hit it up and clean it. or push another filament directly to the nozzle and try sticking some dirt out of it like a hot/cold pull(only this time without the print core but directly do that to the nozzle, hit the nozzle with a lighter, and then place filament to the nozzle, give it some pressure, press on it, wait when it got cool down a bit and pull out). At some extreme cases I use some needle with the exact/smaller nozzle size to poke it and scratch the residue out of it from inside. I hv also read that some people use acetone to sock and clean the nozzle, i hvnt try that though. Usually this work on my .25 and .4 nozzles, but I am not sure if this is the official correct way to do it, hope this help you for a reference.
  3. Hi people I hv similar issues. I use normal PLA. I hv the 3D Solex hardcore on same material, same print setting, same nozzle size as the original UM core. The print will most certainly fail after a few layers. The print looks like its experiencing under-extrusion. If I switch back to the UM original core again, with all the same setting, it works like a charm. I am starting to think there's sth wrong with the nozzle design... I hope to see if any one find a fix here. It is very very frustrating. I have two 4mm nozzles, both experience similar issues. I even bought their 2.5mm everlast nozzle. very frustrating, it just wont work on my UM3. :angry:
  4. Hi I just got mine with .25 and .4 nozzle. I dun seem to make successful print out of .25 nozzle, can you share what u set to the printing profile? I desperately need a good start to adjust it. I am also curious to know if anyone here experience problems when unloading filament. I never succeed in doing so. The filament will always got stuck so hard to the print core, require me to manually set high temperature to the print-core and do a hot pull. anyone?
  5. Are you using 3DSolex core on UM3? I am curious to know if you have encounter same issues on it. I never get to unload filament from the 3DSolex core successfully. Instead, I hv to manually hit up nozzle to do a hot pull. The filament often got stuck inside print core. This happens on all sizes of nozzles. Does this happen often to you or just me?
  6. Thanks, I learnt a lot here. Just notice now that this thread isnt specifically about UM3 printers, but I only got a UM3 so the 3dSolex print core is my only option right now. If you are able to perfect the print on .25nozzle on UM3 I would very much like to know how it goes
  7. I see... Originally I was working on layer height in 1/2 of nozzle width at: 0.25 nozzle / 2 = 0.125mm layer height I do this on 40% flow-rate and 20mm/s. I didnt know it is possible to get down to 0.04 layer height So you think it's good idea if i start printing from this: 0.25mm nozzle x 0.04 layer height x 30mm/s = 0.3mm3/s then gradually adjust the temperature to get a good print is a good start? You also mentioned that the temperature is too high becuz the material is moving slower. Do you think flow-rate will be affecting this factor? Or do you print it in 100% flow-rate? Please dont mind me asking, I am using a 3DSolex nozzle, the print core is easily clogged and it never succeed in unloading filament(filament sticking too hard to the print-core), you think what will be the main cause for this? I heard a few 3DSolex users also hv similar issue, just want to know if this is a normal behaviour for the product or if it's a user's fault. sorry for a lot of questions asked here
  8. Hi can u share the settings of your profile? I want to know about the line width, layer height, flow rate and print speed. I kind of not printing very well with my .25 nozzle.
  9. I am having one 3DSolex PrintCore with one UM original core on my UM3, but I am just printing with the 3DSolex Core. I hope this is not a problem. I bought a 0.25mm nozzle and a nozzle set with 5 other sizes. First, my 3DSolex PrintCore kept clogging on the 0.25mm EVERLASTnozzle. I hv changed line-width to 0.25 under finest profile settings with PLA filament. The print speed is also lowered to 30mm/s. Next, trying to isolate the problem, I change 3DSolex from 0.25 to a 0.4mm nozzle. So I can compare it to the original 0.4mm UM printCore. Original 0.4mm UM printCore had been working just fine for weeks now, but when I switch to 3DSolex, under same settings and using same filament, print fails. The nozzle will be clogged, fail to extrude filaments (printing in the air with nothing), after the first few layers. The first few layers looks fine though, but it clogs every single time. Here are the settings that works well for the original UM printing core: I tried adjusting the temperature, raising temperature helps a little, but not much. The same goes to print speed, lowering it to 30mm/s wont prevent clogging after a few layers. Here are the comparison: It looks like there's under extrusion before clog, I am not sure about that. would appreciate if anyone here could offer some help. I really wanted to get that .25mm nozzle working, but first I think I hv to figure what is wrong with this .4mm core, I suspect it's the same problem. Appreciate if anyone who are happy with their 3DSolex Print Core could share your experiences... Or should it be the problem becase I am using only one 3DSolex Print Core? and you guys usually buy in pair to get it running? I really hope to get this fixed...
  10. Is there a way I can create a material that inherit the settings of some default materials, while overrides only a few things that requires different settings? I use third-party materials and sometimes i need to change a few things. That said, even if I create a custom material and then custom set a brand new profile, it still forgets what i hv set and sometimes not allow me to do so. It that a bug? becuz the behaviour doesn't sound consistent from time to time. thus far i am hv only created a custom PLA+ material (that is a duplicate from regular PLA, with some temperature settings changed), sometimes it allows me to create a profile, sometimes it doesnt... So there I felt a little bit confused what should i do.
  11. I only hv one printer now (UM3), and I hv tried uninstall and reinstall CURA too, but it didnt helped. I tried CURA on multiple PCs connected to the same printer, same issue occurs....
  12. I am not sure if this is hardware or software issue since this only happens on UM3. Occasionally (and nearly every time) when i open up CURA, it forgets the profile i hv set for UM3. It says it's empty when i click manage profile, including the custom profiles i set.. I hv to constantly remove and add the printer back to CURA, sometimes it gets default the profile back, sometimes it doesnt... It's just annoying and i dun seem to find a reason for that, did any UM3 users experience the same here? thx.
  13. I might need to do a reinstall soon just to be sure. But I m hving 2 nozzles the same size. CURA doesnt allow me to create a new profile, the button "create" is grayed out in the "manage profile" settings. That's why I am feeling strange. delete everything in C://User/App Data/local/CURA and reinstall should make a clean installation right? I will try it again.
  14. The short answer is no, i guess. Kind of hoping this will become available. by the way, Is there a software where I can stream the cura window (but not the entire PC desktop) to Youtube LIVE? That would serve my purpose.
  15. Ah.. so you saying, i am using different filaments on 2 extruders, so it restricts the profile i can choose from?
  16. I use filament spool with a larger "tunnel distance" from front to back in the hole. However the hole size in diameter just about right to fit into it, being a little too tight. So it's feels like it's gonna break any time.
  17. I am just wondering, since the filament I am using says they use 3mm diameter, should i change that in the profile for it? currently I duplicate the profile from generic PLA for this, but would like to know if changing the diameter is enough (aside from temperatures, etc), for example if i change from 2.85 to 3mm diameter, should adjusment be made to the flow rate or printing speed too?
  18. Yes I remember the same when using CURA before. Now the newly installed CURA somehow only have profile "FINE" on default. and in the settings, no profiles were set at all. I am using ultimaker official PLA material with NFC, it got detected alright, so I think it's not the material causing problem. Usually there are recommended profile for different quality settings... I deleted the files in User/App Data/Cura and reinstall, still the same. So I wondered if the latest CURA default profile setting goes with "fine" and no other profiles.
  19. Hi, I am using 1KG filaments with a slightly larger spool size, and it kind of not fitting well with the spool holder. Does anyone has a fix on that?
  20. Does anyone care to share the profile setting for eSun filaments? I use a Ultimaker 3.
  21. Hi, Just bought a UM3. I deleted and reinstalled latest CURA(just so it wont got mixed up with old profiles with my other printer previously). Now I only got "Fine" for use in profile, is this the normal default setting? What about others? I hv to create them from scratch? :(
  22. YES I felt like Ultimaker is doing that to celebrate me buying a UM3
  23. Hi, I am about to buy an ultimaker3 but a few things hold me back considering the UM2+ might be a better choice. I hope ppl here could clear my mind about that. While double extrusion is a cool feature, does it allow me print with just only one material and all the while keep the other spool empty? Will the machine stop me from printing if it detects only 1 spool is installed? I might hv mostly printed with one extrusion and I dun like hanging the other spool on the machine (so i only install them when i needed it). I cannot connect the camera over the internet right? but only local network?will it be possible in future? When is the door kit coming? any time soon? I so want one and I dont want to DIY one... I so want to print with .25 nozzle soon, please, is it coming any time soon? Okay if i use a third party core like 3D solex's, so the 2 cores are now 1 from solex and 1 from ultimaker original, does it still work on auto leveling? Basically I am good with a 2+, but would very much like to go for a 3, if it promises better performances.
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