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  1. Got it. The failure was by me (shame)... Please look at https://github.com/nullsibnelf/Marlin temperature.cpp from line 2182 to line 2196. the fork is at the moment not for dual head (because i changed back to single nozzle e3d). But I added all the changed mentioned here in this post. so this should fix your compile error. In fact, it was a missing '}' at the right possition. Sorry for that.
  2. Sorry, but I dont have a clue how to do a fork. I'll try to figure it out the next hours and will post the result here. give me some time.
  3. Aoh! This is rally rough. A buikdtak is more like 200grain sandpaper. Thanks for the picture!!!
  4. I've been all this through. read here: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/50569-trouble-with-umo-upgrade Unfortunatly I had trouble with some setting not implemented in that old branch - so i decided to go to the newest. The printer is running quite weell - but there is a bug with the elapsed print-time timer. And that is the topic of this thread. so please - focus on that.
  5. this one i tried already - and is not working for my setup (40W heaters)
  6. I have to - because of dual extruder update.
  7. My fault - the zipfile is named Marlin1.1 but it's 1.1.4 So the is no new version to upgrade
  8. My fault - the zipfile is named Marlin1.1 but it's 1.1.4 So the is no new version to upgrade
  9. ok. good point. I'll try some more materials and measure the deviation. Thanks!
  10. Hi I have the problem that my prints are always smaller than the 3d-model. I printed a cube with 20mmx20mmx20mm. Z is correct. X and Y are 19,7mm. Is it better correct in Cura (always on every print - with the risk of forgetting it) or to change the step-size in FW?
  11. Hi folks I got Marlin1.1 on my UMO+. Since Marlin the UMO make short loud noise on booting up (about half a second). sounds like turning on all stepper-coils at the same. brrrrrrrmmmmmm! Why? And how can I turn this off? Thanks
  12. Hi I flashed Marlin1.1 by today. Printed a benchy. My UMO+ showed following in the display: It took 2hour and a bit. So I think, there is a mistake by hours minuts and seconds in the display. Anybody know, where to fix this? Thanks!
  13. image upload isn't working by now. try it tomorrow.
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