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  1. Hi guys, thank you for your support. I finished the printjob. What I can say is, that I have more problems with warping near the corners than in the middle. Maybe my build Plate is not 100% leveld like Nicolinux says. But the build plate isn't bent. The salt water methode works better than glue or hair spray. But not as good as printing with pva under the pla parts. But I'm with geert_2 that it is the best method to clean the build plate only with warm water. When I have to print these parts again I want to try a material that has not this much shrinkage. Maybe PETG or pla pro/+. Or try to do less infill.
  2. I've tryed the salt method yersterday. The first try with 16 peaces runs nearly perfekt. But this was the second try over night???? Mybe i put to much salt on the build plate after the first try. How do i get the right amount of salt? I think that i don't have an even salt amount on the build plate. How do i get it? Thanks Kai
  3. I've read yesterday about the salt method. And I want to try it out this weekend. In your description it sounds very well. So I want to give it a try. I'm using Prima PLA. It prints like the ultimaker PLA so I hope that your method will work.
  4. I'm using Prima PLA. But I've only used 3 rolls of the black one. In my opinion it prints like the Ultimaker PLA. And it is halve the price of the original ones.
  5. Hi, I want to share with you my solution. In my opinion it is easier than put glue or hair spray on your Bild plate. So I used my dual extruder to put a brim surface with PVA under my parts. The PVA sticks much better than the PLA to the build plate. When you take out the parts they come of the PVA bevore the it looses from the buildplate. So you don't need to put yor parts in water after printing and not need a knife to round edges.
  6. I think the bed is good leveled. The skirt looks very similar around the printing parts. Also the first layers look in My opinion very good. During this print I tryed hair spray. Brim is not really a option for me because it is a lot of work to remove this and I like to skip this work. I think the problem is time and cooling down of the parts before finishing. Because when I am printing only one. The parts are ok and I have only light warping on one side. when I am trying to do five 3 of 5 going up dooring the print. Maybe the print fails. When I am doing 10 parts, like in the picture at the beginning, all parts looks like the have warped at both sides. The whole print fails. Do you think that a higher bed temperatur helps to slow down the cooling of the parts? How do I set cura to print every peace for its own. or ist this not possible with my dual extruder? Thanks Kai
  7. I only use Skirt as bonding method but have set the line width of the first layer at 80% and a layer thickness of 0.15 I only use the heated bed and no glue or hairspray. To clean the bed I use window cleaner. I had problems with the automatic bed calibration until today. I found that the screw for set the deepest bed point wasn't tight. So I fix it and screw an nut on it. So I do first the manually leveling and let than level the ultimaker itself. Hope that helps. Thanks for your replys Kai
  8. Hi, i have Problems by printing this parts. I think it's because of the shrinking holes. When I'm only printing one part the warping is not to much. Like in the first two pictures. But If I am printing more than one at the same time. The sides of the parts going up like in the third picture. In the last picture I have abortet the print because don't stick to the bed anymore Do you have any solution for this. I want to load up the bed and print maybe 30 at the same time. At the moment I have the following Configuration in Cura: First Layer: Bed: 75°C Nozzle: 230°C Fan: 0% Printing: Bed:65°C Nozzle: 200°C Fan: 100% (4th Layer) Thanks for your replys Kai
  9. Hi, thank you for your answers. The Ultimaker life's again. Was an really easy fix. I don't know wich firmware was from wich version I was trying to upgrade. But I think that it was my fault. Cause I was trying to change the material during the upgrade and the printer gets a power loss for a short time. Now I get the message, that the active leveling failed https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23158-active-leveling-correction-failed But printing with manual leveling works perfekt.
  10. Hi, my Ultimaker 3 bricks today during a firmware update. Is there a possibility to manually re flash the Firmware on the Mainboard? I will hope so. Thanks for your answers Kai
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