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  1. Hi, I’m printing a huge model for a client in PLA. It will imbed metal parts and components that must fit accurately with some tolerancing. My first sample test part I printed at 0.1 mm resolution and that wasn’t accurate enough to fit the small metal parts. But it worked well at 0.06mm. However to print the full complete product at 0.06 mm will take 6 days!! That’s too long, and there’s risk for an error in the print. Only alternative is to print at a lower resolution and expand these features. But by how much? It must fit metal discs that are about 0.08” A
  2. I’d like to print some parts for a client that closely replicate the materials his company uses: HDPE and PP. Since those materials don’t work in my Ultimaker 3, what are the best material alternatives. I have CPE filament; will that work as an alternative?
  3. The title says it all. I'm looking to print something that is like rubber or silicone for a client. Even if there's no such filament that soft and flexible, what would be the closest possible filament to work with?
  4. I was given some really neat looking red PET filament to 3D print. When I went onto my Ultimaker 3ex to load it in, I couldn't see PET as an option for printing. Nor is it an option in Cura. How can I print with PET filament?
  5. Today I opened Cura to print a cad file. I need the profile setting to be at the highest resolution 0.06mm. But I can't adjust that option for whatever reason. Why is it doing this? I tried closing and reopening Cura but that didn't work. Please help ASAP
  6. I was printing a 2-tone PLA print when I noticed my AA print core in Extruder 2 was not moving. So I cancelled the print, and did a print core cleaning with some cleaning filament. During the Hot Pull, the fan door broke open, and the brass plate was dangling free. I turned off my printer, and removed the print core, and now the nozzle is dangling by a wire. Is there any way I can fix this? Where can I find a replacement AA print core? Ultimaker's website is not easy to find things to buy!
  7. I’m printing a figurine that stands 7 inches tall, with support material. My customer wants to paint it once completed. I am just 1 hour in and I noticed some ugly lines showing up on the feet. I am printing with Kodak brand PLA green on my ultimaker 3. What can I do to make the rest of the print appear smoother?
  8. I've had my ultimaker for a while, and I am wondering how to print with 2 colors. I've looked on youtube and read instructions, but I'm not sure how to do it within cura. Do I have to upload 2 seperate CAD files into Cura, then fuse or merge them together to get a two-tone print?
  9. Since starting this thread, I've been able to free the fan door to open all the way wide. However, there's a pool of solid PLA that is preventing the fan door from closing again. Is there an easy way to remove the fan door and pick all this crud out?
  10. While printing a small model using PLA, it appears that the fan door wasn't closed tight, and the model fell off the build plate and got stuck inside the fan door. Causing it to get stuck open and ajar like this. I cannot close or open the door any further because it's all jammed up inside. What can I do? Even though my printer is still under warranty, I'd rather fix the problem rather than having to get a brand new print head for it. Should I just heat up the extruder and pick away at the leftover filament that's jamming everything? Or is there something el
  11. Because of this I'm almost certain my PVA spool has been damaged by moisture. I tried to dehumidify, and demoisturize the material with a space heater and some dampness ridding moisture absorbents. But nothing seems to work. Is my support material ruined for good? Or is there a way of rescuing it?
  12. Thank you so much for your reply. I do think my PVA may be moisture damaged by the humidity. I put some dry heaters next to the spool to dehumidify. However I'm still having a problem matching the configuration of my Cura to my Printer I'm not sure how to adjust the settings correctly in either the Cura or the printer. I tried everything. I've provided screenshots
  13. Also, at this very moment, I'm running a 3D print with this PVA support material. It seems to be crackling a bit as the print gets applied. Is the extruder too hot for the PLA because I ignored the "change configuration?"
  14. Hi everyone. So every time I attempt to start a print job, I keep getting the message that reads: Change configuration Material 2: PLA (generic PrintCore 2: AA 0.4 This makes no sense because the material in printcore 2 is PVA with the recommended BB 0.4 extruder. I even changed the materials in the material selection screen. But it keeps saying this. WHY? If I neglect to change or fix this issue, is this going to affect my prints?
  15. Thanks but do you know how to go about doing that? I disatached the tube from the feeder end. It's still attached to the extruder. And I'm not even sure what you mean by bowden... :/
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