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  1. I have this printer for three years and Im not using it for this unsolved problem I even bought a new nozzle but still nothing. the printer is accepting my models but when it comes to the process the nozzle doesnt take out enought finlament to actually make it...only the moves on the axes Every video I checked I worked with it but still nothing ..it feels like the motor its not strong enough to move the finlament even tho its making the right noise it doesnt pull in the finlament in the right way... no one in my town know about this stuff and its such a pity i made it to put together all these screws but not to actually working at the end. thank you in advance for your time waiting for any possible scenarios of solutions
  2. I send a tiny 3d onbj jst to do a check on my 3d printer (Ultimaker O+) and it printed a surface of it. The nozzle is new and from previous attempts to print everytime I have the same problem...this is the reason I bought new nozzle. The PLA material was stacked inside the nozzle because it didn't stack on the bed while it was printing and I had to change nozzle and some other parts from the printing head. Any idea? I have this machine for 1 year and I still didn't manage to print anything.
  3. ????????? HELLO? :ANY HELP ANYWHERE?
  4. this is a big problem? i pulled it out to work better and this happened with the small cable
  5. this is my first printing i put together the main piece (without the fan) so thatyou can check it out. i heat it and pulled the pla and it didnt feed so i remove the nozzle and it was sliding normally. the problem is on the nozzle please check the photos i send you
  6. plusss* this part doesnt rotate more but the nozzle was tight before i seperate the parts
  7. So i tried to print for 3rd time and a new roblem came up with the nozzle and the pla . i followed the intructions of the moderator because i had the same problem before one week or something and i thought i fixed it. today i send a print and it was 28% and it was still printing a really small amount of the project. the photos that follow is from the process i followed but stlli cant understand why the pla is melting around the nozzle and doesnt go out properly.
  8. the peek and the brass pipe are stuck together i tryed with my tools and some water drops now that it is hot but i cannot even do the rotation to un-stuck them? shall i leave it like this? will this effect the printing? the peek and the brass pipe are stuck together i tried with my tools and some water drops now that it is hot but i cannot even do the rotation, to un-stuck them. shall i leave it like this? will this effect the printing? ++ i have to tell you that the melted pla was on this point , between the peek with the brass pipe and the top of the nozzle
  9. Ok guys i have a serious problem with my 3d printer which i have one year still i didnt succed one 3d print object. Seveal problemes were coming one my wat when finally i thought i solve all of them the nozzle started to take out a small amount of pla to print the object and after i realize that all the pla was melting all around on top of the nozzle and i was loosing both material and TIME. What i did was that i take of the pieces to clean them but for a reason -probably the pla inside- they cannot fit back together. I used different techinques like heat them through the 3d printer tools and many more. I DONT know what to do. its a shame cause i need the printer and i cannot have it. it didnt succed not even one print and iv spent already too much mpney to buy new pieces like those. any ideas?
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