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  1. Hi @fbrc8-erin thank you so much for your support. Great manual and hints. That's what i was searching for. best regards, ich
  2. Hi all together, is there a manual available how to change x and/or y axis (for changing belts and pulleys) at a UM3/E? Nothing found so far. Thanks for your help, best regars, ich
  3. Hi @SandervG thanks for your reply. Yes, there are a couple of devices connented to the Wifi: two cell phones, one handhelt tablet and sometimes a laptop as well. What i tested meanwhile: AVM router (6490); Asus RT-AC66U (both in 2.4 and 5 GHz available) and a Huawei E5786 (only 2.4 GHz available). Alsobresetee Cura settings at the printer several times. With all router the connection was stable, if the distance to printer was less than 1,5m. If the distance is more than 3 m i get connection problems, but only after beginning a print (up to 1,5h). Thelast thing i had to che
  4. Hi again, @SandervG tried to update the Firmware (Lan). In both cases (stable and test) printer told me, that i'm running the actual version (in display it showed version 4.2.5 dated 02.01.2018). So if you have a version i can test, please send it to me. Greetings
  5. Hi @SandervG, thanks for your hint. That was the problem when starting with the printer. After new installation the SW and driver on the PC that was no longer that problem, because after switching on the printer I had directly access to it. During the first 2,5h print (after solving the problem descibed first) the network was disconnected after 1,5h and the printer was not longer accessable (see above). From this moment the printer was only reachable for some time (from 2 minutes up to 2 hours; problem was not solveable by switching off and on off the Wifi at the printer). After that time
  6. Hi, tested LAN (x.x.x.81), is now working, so that it seems not to be a routing issue or error in router mixing up IP adresses. Only Wifi (x.x.x.80) is the problem today (see above). Here you will find the log file from today (I hope someone can see something and has a fix, or is the hardware broken?): Log data: Jan 10 17:09:41 ultimakersystem-ccbdd3004504 flipflop_wsgi.py[408]: 17:09:41 - WAR - app.models.printer:307 - Found printer Printer(unique_name=ultimakersystem-ccbdd3004504, friendly_name=ulti, uuid=5c1b27de-9632-4958-a10d-56bd6492a667, enabled=True
  7. At the moment it is looking like that again: No print over Network possible. It seems, that I'll send the printer back. I'm not sure, if I want to go on.
  8. Hi all together, @ macio: yes, in meantime I agree to you. Worked for 1 Print after installin PC SW new. Yesterday it took me 3h to get a connection to the printer by network (switching on or off of the printer or the network interface of the printer has reestablished the connection). Not even a ping has worked, so it couldn't be the sw which I reinstalled. The strange thing is: if I ping to the IP of the printer: e.g. x.x.x.80 (printer never had an other IP, no other device had the IP before) I get back x.x.x.65 does not answer, sometimes I got back x.x.x.35 does not a
  9. Hi Macio, thanks for your comment. New IP address for the printer I can eleminate: 2 days in use and IP lease time is approx 30 days from DHCP Server. Additinal to that the shown IP is not in the range of the IP addresses the Server assigns. I solved the problem as follows: Deleted the Software, all drivers and configurations from PC (Only the SW is not enough). After new installation and configuration all is working fine. So there went something wron during installation of the drivers (copy error, somthing strange written during installation, what ever). Why
  10. Hi Everybody, it seems, that I'm not the only one with that problem: That sonds quite similar incl. the temporary solution. I assume it is the same issue. I hope the more details can help to find the cause of that issue. Thanks, greetings Ich
  11. Hi Macio, it seems you have the same problem than I. See here: It is not only limited to Cura and also not the Wifi (LAN has the same problem => can you verify that?). Can you double check your IP shown in printer details als marked in my pictures? Still with the newest Firmware v4.2.5! Have you solved that problem meanwhile? Greetings, Ich
  12. Hi all together, I've got a UM3 couple of days ago. Network configuration was easy and is running apart from following problem: After switching on the printer I have only partial access from PC to the printer. That means, I can enter the IP in the browser and can see the Log Datas and the temperatures. Whne I go to printer queue the window tells me, the priter connection was lost (see attached pictures; unfortunaltely in german). When I change to printer details I get also the message, printer is not connected AND it shows me a different IP adress in the details (marked red in
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