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  1. Nallath, how can the LED color be changed through the gcode? (These blue/white lights are brutal on the eyes) I have tried entering: "M142 r255g140b000w000" Inside a print file and on its own, but nothing that I've tried has worked. Can you guys please add LED color control from the system menu?
  2. Ultimaker 2 Extended + Cura 3.1.0 I tried using the auto updating firmware within Cura and was presented with this message" "Firmware update failed due to an unknown error." Once that message displayed, the machine no longer worked. It will not turn on, no LED lights up, no illumination of the screen. There is a loud buzzing noise when the power switch is turned on. Cura does detect that the machine is connected, but no operations can be performed, and a firmware update attempt results in another failure error message. What is the procedure to reset the m
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