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  1. That's a real shame as it would have been a really good talking point around our printer at a show we will be attending, I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has come up with a workaround!
  2. Nope, I mean the one about editing the gcode to automate batch printing of simple parts like the bracelet ultimaker used to make at shows.
  3. I notice that the production line blog post has gone, is this approach no longer supported by Ultimaker? Is it only appropriate to do this upto the Ultimaker 2?
  4. So we have been getting along brilliantly with our 'fleet' of Ultimaker printers (1x UMOriginal, 1x UM2 and 2xUM3) and ArchiCAD. The Custom Cutting Planes function is perfect for extracting model information to create facade studies straight out of ArchiCAD and into Cura with minimal alterations!
  5. That is amazing! Well done to both of you!
  6. Without support they will tend to sag a bit for the first couple of layers but it will not adversely affect the model over the top. You could mitigate for this by adding a window and frame within the openings perhaps. or consider printing these facades flat and glueing together afterwards if you cannot use support materials
  7. It's a turkey on a baking tray which is in the shape of our corporate logo with the company name inserted in a different colour PLA. Extra challenging s it was printed on an UM Original so no option for 2 colour printing
  8. We ran a little in-house competition to design and print a bauble for the office christmas trees. Some of the results can be seen here https://twitter.com/maberarchitects/status/1076191487682113536 there were several more across the other offices too.
  9. Did you use a Brim? Our UM3 has never had an issue with loss of adhesion but my colleagues using the 2+ have had this issue a fair bit, they have used a higher heat on the build plate to help overcome this issue, although there has been occasions where loss of adhesion has still occurred... I still swear by Dimafix - it holds so tight it is sometimes difficult to remove the build after printing (although a few minutes int he fridge fixes this and it pops right off)
  10. That is great, it shows how incredibly simple to process is through ArchiCAD (although there is probably no need to include all of the Cura stuff at the start as that is all covered elsewhere). One of my current tasks is to produce a guide to creating 3D printed output - might not need to bother now... I hadn't thought about introducing a build plate template within our master template file. I will get this amended with the next revision - Thanks!
  11. A well deserved win @kmanstudios, I look forward to getting to use some of these in future prints, thanks to all for their generosity taking the time to make these for everyone to use, a true community spirit!
  12. Always great to see someone else settings to save time on tinkering! I have tended to stick with the defaults and only altering thicknesses to match nozzle size multiples as there is rarely time to experiment from day to day! Thanks for sharing this, please keep up the great work!
  13. I know I have said it already, but DIMAFIX is really, really good. Have had no problem with bed detachment, the coating is super even so doesn't have any adverse effects on the print quality, giving a good even sheen across the base, models generally self release after 5 mins or so in the fridge. Well worth the £10 spend. The only downside is that you need a well ventilated space to apply the spray as it is pretty noxious, (although it smells amazing!) I just open the fire door and spray it outside to overcome this issue.
  14. So it does, I googled to see if it did this but couldn't find anything ? hadn't noticed it scrolling along the screen before! Only good for materials which have NFC chips though!
  15. Is it possible to record filament usage through either Cura or the print monitor settings? We end up with lots of rolls of almost empty filament - it would be good to keep track of how much filament had been taken off the roll currently in the printer, I guess this could be quite complex if you keep swapping rolls though and with multiple users on a printer... ? But as Cura knows the length of material on a roll, can it keep track of what has been printed? Does anybody have any good ways of keeping track of what is left on a roll other than weighing or keeping a tally
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