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  1. I have a CC core on my UM5 and have downloaded the CURA material profile. I am printing with a brim as always and using a product called PRINTASTICK - from APRINTPRO. The am getting some wrapping on the part edges on all size of parts, from parts as small at 2-3 cm to 10 cm. I am looking for ideas and recommendations to start using this material successful and for larger builds. Does the fact that I am not running a top cover be the number one cause of this? should I be using another adhesive - can someone please recommend one? Last but least, are the sides of Nylon prints, as opposed to ABS, PLA and other plastics typically feel a little abrasive? Thank you
  2. USA, I don't even think ultimaker knows when at this point to be honest uh? Lol. All I know is I paid for something and whenever I have reached to dynamism they havent replied. No information regarding this.
  3. They should be keeping in contact with us and with their reseller channels contantly. I bought the S5 because of the pro bubdle, otherwise I would have gotten the S3 and we aftermarket parts.. And estimated ETA would be good, or at a min, send the unit with the caveat that an firmware update is to come.
  4. USA, I don't even think ultimaker knows when at this point to be honest uh?
  5. I am unable to get an e-mail response from my vendor in regards to my order, so I wanted to know if the Air manager is already shipping or what is the ETA. I have paid in full for the device since it was announced. Thank you @SandervG any ideas?
  6. I get it, no bashing. I can wait till my HT arrives next week. I ordered black. Ill post something on there for comparison if you dont mind.
  7. Great, I hate how real printed part dont look anything like the marketing stuff in terms of finish. Maybe also be the "Clear" I am not a fan of that color in FDM printers. Otherwise this is great info my friend and seems to be a success for you.
  8. ^yes NylonX is cabon reinforced. UL has a profile for it in cura. I ordered some to try. I will print something small and see how it holds up.
  9. Thanks for sharing that material. I followed you lead and ordered some HT. Apparently you don't need a harneded nozzle for it - which is great. I also did order some nylonX. I wonder how that would do as a front bumper cannard. (Exposure to sun, heat, water if it rains)
  10. so then, it may not work in an engine bay where it may get wet or exposed to water and our moisture. maybe I am betting off with Polycarbonate.
  11. I know, but I found you can make support be created with multiple lines if needed to make the parts stronger. I need to make a support to hang an oil filter relocation adapter. I am sure the item will get hot since it is alum. looking at this thread, and considering Nylon flexes, I wonder it Polycarbonate would be better (considering nylon is flexible - from what I saw on this thread).
  12. yeah, but would be great just do this on holes.
  13. Great post. how long this this take to print?
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