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  1. Mine does too.. had dimples on the font panel whick the printers in the photos dont heh🤣 🙄
  2. Would this be acceptable? And the put it in a wate tight tool box (pelican case type)
  3. So the company is changing their logo? Im confussed.
  4. Hi guys, trying to learn from others here a bit. So nylon will take in moinsture after being printed, but that will not impact its strength and mechanical properties?
  5. I am not sure. I used the default UM profiles for temp. I have to see how the PVA or if it dissolved from the last print I posted.
  6. Does it make sense to build woth a prime tower ? Maybe I can make it larger in diameter so that it doesnt break. Im wondering if the "wasted" material is worth it in terms of print results.
  7. I have done two print so far with my new UM S5. I noticed that both time that printer seem to drag the PVA and regular filament and create stringing. I am wondering if there is a setting that will help me keep the prints clean. first time I tired to use a prime tower and it was horrible, the tower broke and I ended up with a print that looked like it had hairs coming from it. see below second time, you can see the PVA is sort of stringed over the black pla. Thank you in advance.
  8. Thanks, the reminds me of the days I had to model a skirts on my models so that they would stick in a CUBE PRO from 3dsystems. Lol
  9. Great, I printer a small test model yesterday. I did it at 0.1 layer height with the 0.4 core. Worked well enough I dont think I will used the 0.2 core I ordered. I used a brim and 5 hr later it come out. Everything good so far. Loving this printer, it is a little slow though (5hrs) compared to my other abs printer. Cant wait until I get the white PLA on Monday to reprint it "full size"
  10. @Stefania Dinea , a skirt doesnt seem to do anything other then draw a separate outline. Is that really better than a brim?
  11. Thank you very much. I will look into the VPN.
  12. Thanks, in ordering regular white PLA and 0.2 print head.
  13. Thanks, so lets say I want to use UM materials this time. Pla or tough pla? Have you tried any of those?
  14. Hi guys, I am at work and have left my printer printing at home. I was hoping to use the ultimaker app to keep and eye on my printer. Is this not possible while being away? would it work if I assign an IP to my printer that I can access remotely (like you would with a NAS) ? I was hoping there was some easy p2p connection.
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