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  1. I reverted to Cura-3.1 and things worked out fine. Not impressed with this whole upgrade to 3.2 process, which took me several hours to sort out. Not being a geek I don't want to mess with adding code-lines, and shouldn't have to.....
  2. I am getting very disappointed by the UM2+ performance after the Cura Upgrade. While it was working well with the last version (3.1) + firmware on my MAC, since the 'upgrade' the system has been misbehaving badly. Apart from the pimple at completion, I can now only get fairly decent prints with a feedrates of 200-250%(!). Have tried almost everything: factory reset, new PLA, new nozzle etc. It just isn't the nice (but expensive) machine I bought and used over the past 2 months. I won't buy this machine ever again if this does not get fixed....... Pieter Kapteijn
  3. Yes, it is a MAC. I was not aware there was any firmware coming with the Cura update...? I just downloaded the Cura 3.2 software, nothing for the UM2+ Thanks for response so far.
  4. I have just installed Cura 3.2.1 and am reprinting small component designs I prepared in Fusion 360, that were printed flawlessly by my UM 2+. I resliced the designs with the new Cura. Now at the end of each print the UM2+ leaves a 'pimple' of PLA at the final point before retracting.... Is this a bug? Does anyone else have this problem? would like to know how to fix. Pieter K
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