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  1. Actually, reading this again, I have more to add. So... if you have 10 downloads, maybe you have 2 professional-home-educators, 3 home-professionals, 2 home-educators, and 3 plain professionals. You're asking people to self identify in 2018 ... which means, like sex (where there are a _lot_ more than 2 kinds now), people do all kinds of wonderful things with their printers. Once could say your trinary pigeon holes are antiquated and looking at your question as a set of axis is more appropriate for the times.
  2. I've attached my new bath knob. Permissive commons license and already on thingiverse. I was watching the print (3D printers can be so mesmerizing on a lazy Saturday)... and I think I detected one place where Cura can do better (although I don't know if I know where to twiddle... is this possible with a plugin? I'm happy to roll up my sleaves if I'm not wasting my time. I figure this is pretty common. The hole narrows in the middle. It's wider on both sizes and there are good reasons not to fillet (basically... the screw supplied with the original part wouldn't fit properly fo
  3. Doesn't my education count? Really. I learned, for instance, what a PID controller is... and how they're quite common in our lives. A fascinating diversion is how PID controllers were originally constructed as pressurized air devices and used to hold a heading on ships. See... learning... thus I was educated (allbeit by myself, the internet and the practical experiment of building something that works). I don't recall all the items in the list on your survey, but I remember thinking that some would imply the others. That it wouldn't make sense, say, to say you were prototyping
  4. It's entirely possible that I'm not a normal 3D printer user. I've been curious about the technology for some years, but I"d been to busy to really invest. Some of you might balk at that statement, but I stand by it --- my very nature is to treat every opportunity as a learning experience. When I finally had time, I researched things on the internet, ordered things on eBay and set about building my printer from scratch. Along the way, I learned about many things. I'm fairly happy with my first effort. And by that I'm not talking about the first thing I printed, but my first pr
  5. OK. I've beaten down a bunch of errors. There's two things I can't get past. If I checkout the git tree, and after making, there's no option to make install or run in place. I have a different tree checked out that has a cura_app.py to try to run... but there I get: [2:114:414]dgilbert@canoe:~/Cura-master> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/gcc6:/lib:/usr/local/lib ./cura_app.py [MainThread] cura.CrashHandler.show [36]: An uncaught exception has occurred! [MainThread] cura.CrashHandler.show [39]: Traceback (most recent call last): [MainThread] cura.CrashHand
  6. Qt is actually fine. KDE runs well and I've used Qt in projects ... both in python and C++ on FreeBSD. It seems the previous version of Cura was ported to BSD, but whoever did that has moved on.
  7. Well... an appimage might run if I fired off a VM running linux. The linux emulation tends to work fine for binaries that you can run, but the sheer volume of libraries this requires is unlikely to be less work to run under emulation. Besides... its written primarily in Python. The C++ part is already ported (and seems like it was easier to port). I realize that portable software can be difficult to write... but we're dealing with the low-hanging fruit here --- it's written in python. argh. I suppose one big problem is that I'm not familliar with cmake and while cma
  8. So... I'm a fairly competent ports maintainer for FreeBSD. I see that someone has already gotten the CuraEngine ported. I thus have been working in the direction of getting the Cura graphical front end going. So... is anyone else working on this? It almost seems like the job of porting things written in python is made nearly impossible by their build systems. I think I have all the requirements built... but I'm still getting rather dumb output from cmake. Help?
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