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  1. jens3

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    How about something like a weekly build or even builds that are substantially improved? I would not (and did not) report bugs on a beta build that is 4 weeks old. Many bugs will have been reported by that time and will have been corrected in the current code base so anything I have to add is out of date. I guess it depends on your reason to release beta code - if you want input on bugs than intermediate releases are required. If you want people to see 'roughly' what is coming up then the single beta is fine. It should (says he who has no clue) be pretty easy to enforce that no time is wasted on any bug reports that do not include a complete enough version number to make your attention worthwhile (boiler plate message to supply version number in order to be able to respond). I would actually suggest a boiler plate response of 'During our beta program, code is updated on a frequent basis. Please install the most recent beta to get the latest code updates before reporting any bugs. Please confirm which beta version this bug report applies to in order for us to respond'. Don't look at it as 'support' but rather as extra eyes helping with input. It is (or should be) made pretty clear that a beta is not for production use and is liable to have significant issues. If you do not make current code available, you will potentially be wasting time responding to issues that have long been resolved. Like anything, there are positives and negatives to every choice ......
  2. jens3

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    Thanks for the current build for Linux (20190116). I linstalled it and it seems much more refined than the official beta version. Well done ! While I have not had a chance to use things yet, I did poke around a bit and have a couple comments .... 1) The icons on the far right on the main screen (right under the Marketplace box) only turn on/off the settings box but don't seem to do anything else. I am assuming the code for these is not complete yet but just in case they are supposed to be working I thought I would mention it. 2) The second issue is something that has bothered me for a while and thought that with the new UI it would be something that could be 'fixed' . This might also be a situation where I just don't fully grasp things so please bear with me. In the center of the screen under the blue main banner is a box to indicate material choice. To the right of it is the selected profile. This works fine if for example I choose generic PLA and 'draft' as the profile but suppose I have a custom profile called 'PETG on glass' ? The material box still says generic PLA but he profile is now set up for PETG. To me this is very strange and counter intuitive although I do not have a magic solution to suggest at this point. Off hand it would seem that the material setting is irrelevant when you use a custom profile ?? Maybe there should be a way to select the material and then a profile just for that material (rather than being allowed a choice of all profiles. I don't know if that issue has come up before but I thought I should mention that the current setup is confusing to me. Edit: Also, if I change the material after having loaded a custom profile, nothing changes in the profile. This begs the question as to why that material selection is there if a different selection there does not change anything elsewhere. Edit #2: I just realized that the icons (see suggestion #1) are just there to give a quick view on important settings .... totally not clear to me at first glance.
  3. jens3

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    That would be expected of daily/nightly builds by the very nature of the beast.
  4. Just tried it and that box works as expected. Also, I tried 4.0 beta and the issue in the settings visibility box are working as expected as well! Thank you for your reply ! Also thanks for all your other replies with other issues, it is very much appreciated !!!
  5. jens3

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    Is there a daily build image available ? The published version is the one from December and is too early for me - lots of issues that I am sure have been reported before. I don't want to be commenting on stuff that has already been sorted out or is old news.
  6. jens3

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    Boy do I feel silly ... I went to that page but didn't scroll down far enough 😞 Thanks !!
  7. jens3

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    It would appear that the beta is only available for Windows - is there a Linux 4.0 beta available someplace ?
  8. I am not sure if it is a known issue or not but this was not an issue in 3.5.1 but is an issue in 3.6.0 under Linux: In Cura, settings menu, on the right side of the window you can select 'Basic', 'Advanced' and 'Expert' settings as well as 'Custom selection'. Anything chosen here will not alter the tick marks in the visibility selections. Also, after exiting the window and re-entering, the selected mode always returns as 'Custom selection' rather than the mode previously chosen. Using Ubuntu 18.10
  9. Thank you, that makes perfect sense. Never thought about the mounting (or non mounting in this case) details.
  10. Hmmmm .... an interesting question and one I had never thought about before. I will have to think about what I am actually doing for mounting. Currently the drive shows up in my 'files' browser as smb://computername/sharename. Thanks for giving me something to think about !
  11. FWIW, I had this issue for the longest time. Today I upgraded to 3.6.0 and it would appear that all settings, profiles and everything transferred over exactly like it should. First time in many releases. I was a VERY happy camper !
  12. Just a followup - it turns out that the lines I am seeing are wall lines of the model and at my knowledge level they are always straight lines that depend on proper support to squish into each other. Substantial improvement was obtained when printing without walls and 100% infill. Of course this had some negative effects on the outside of the model. In a wild leap of faith I completely changed the way the model was printed and I used tree support and got a very acceptable result.
  13. When loading a new file into Cura for slicing, Cura will only see the local drives. I am running Cura under Linux and when displaying files in the file browser I see attached network drives but these do not show up under the Cura load dialog. Currently I go into the remote directory and drag the file into Cura. That works but is cumbersome. Is there a better way available ?
  14. jens3

    Installed 3.6.0

    WoooHoooo!!! The first upgraded that has brought all previous setups, profiles visibility settings across! Thank you very much for improvimg the upgrade process!
  15. The 0.1 mm resolution print came out quite nice ... on all surfaces except the surface that was giving me issues. It still prints as single lines instead of zig zag and the lines are quite messy. The support interface layer came out quite smooth and solid but as long as the lines are laid down parallel on the support, this thing isn't going to fly 😞 I don't know if the geometry is forcing individual lines or if I am missing some magic setting somewhere .

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