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  1. Yes that's can be done but that's not really a factory reset. A lot of parameters were changed during the time and the bed and noozle are completely incorrectly calibrated. Back to the beginning
  2. Hi Is there any way to do a factory reset on the um1? Do I have to flash the marlin software do to a reset? A lot of people changes the configuration and now nothing works anymore
  3. Hallo Ich suche einen UM 2 oder besser 2+ mit original Karton und Rechnung zu kaufen
  4. What I understand : cura 4.0 has many options under machine settings -> for the parameter: "g-code flavor" e.g. ultimaker , reprap , marlin RepetierServer has only a few under Firmware : e.g. marlin , reprap Both settings must be equal , so UM2+ starts printing . I tested both values "marlin" and "reprap" cura 4.0 . the result is UM2+ starts printing but the filament gets entangled. the filament wraps around the nozzle. the same file sliced with g-code "ulitmaker" and saved on SD card works fine Question Which option/parameter did you choose for Cura and Repetier so that the result is the same like I'm just working with the SD card ? And what is the startcode so that the filament comes out of the nozzle already before ? when you chosse g-code marlin/reprap you have to put the code in the startcript, when you choose ultimaker in the g-code the UM2+ Firmware will do ist for you Regards Quote
  5. Hi Ritxi thanks for your offer but that is too expensive for the old Xtion. My limit is 80 Euro incl. Shipping
  6. yes I´am interested . I ´am liviing in germany . It would be great if you could sent the Xtion to me . What should it cost ?
  7. hi i am looking for the above mentioned scanners. sincerley
  8. Hi Hat jemand mit dem UM2+ und einer Solex 0.25. noozle mal was vernüftiges hinbekommen ? Bei mir löst sich das Objekt mit der Zeit vom Bett ab ( see attach) Wenn mir jemand mal seine Parameter verraten würde wäre das super z.B. Filament ist von "extrudr" Extrusion Multiplexer Extrusion width Primary layer Height First Layer Height 130 Default Printing Speed mm/min
  9. Hi, I can't get any reasonable results with your 0.25 mm noozle with my ultimaker 2+ . I use simplify3d for the slicing process. Does anybody have useful simplifyor Cura parameters for me in conjunction with this noozle diameter ? e.g. Extrusion Multiplexer Extrusion width Primary layer Height First Layer Height 130 Default Printing Speed mm/min The result is always the same wih different parameter ( see attach) the object is detached sincerely curieux
  10. curieux

    Cracks on ABS

    thx I will test it with an enclosure . Its ABS and per default the fans are disabled by Simplify3d
  11. curieux

    Cracks on ABS

    [edit by gr - note that: original post said PLA but it's actually ABS ] Can anybody explain where this cracks coming from ? ( no cover , air draft ) thx in advance
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