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  1. Keventurist

    Introducing The Experimental Bridging Settings

    Thanks! That was fast. I was looking for some documentation on writing Cura plugins so I could try these idea out myself. But it seems a little scarce.. Can I ask which material you tried it out with? I expect with PLA it would only benefit slightly but with PETG it might have more of an effect... Hope extra cooling on the first layers of supports on top of a model works out well too
  2. Keventurist

    Introducing The Experimental Bridging Settings

    First. Much yay for the bridge control Now, I'm just going to go through my thinking incase I'm being dense and there's already a better way to do this. I was wanting to up the fan speed for parts of a layer that are over any change from support-to-model or model-to-support. The idea being that more rapid cooling there (especially with PETG) would cause the model and supports to bond less well. Alas I couldn't find any options for exactly this. However the bridge settings alter the fan on bridges/overhangs. The very parts of a model that would need support anyway... The trouble is once the support is generated the walls above stop registering as bridge, though the skin still does (see pic). Would it be possible to have an option to "ignore generated supports" entirely when determining bridges?

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