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  1. Hi Torgeir, Originally, I started to experience under-extrusion problems when printing TPU. I tried various things to solve the problem, including: using both feeders for TPU, cleaning out the feeders, adjusting the tension of the feeders, switching the flow sensor on/off. The S5 now does at least complete the print (without the 'One material appears to be empty' error) with the flow sensor on, but I can't get rid of this problem. Attached is another image showing what a print looks like before I remove it from the glass. You can see that there is over-extrusion of the
  2. No, I see nothing different about this layer in the slice preview. This is so confusing.
  3. Hi, As can be seen in the photo, I'm experiencing a weird problem when printing Ultimaker-brand TPU95A with my S5 (using Cura). The print just tears off when I attempt to remove it from the glass plate - and it's not because the adhesive is too strong. There is a strange stippling to the third or fourth layer of the print, as if there are tiny holes in it, and it is weak BEFORE I remove it. The rest of the structure is perfect! This is driving me up the wall. I have never experienced this before. Has anyone any idea what's going on? Thanks.
  4. Hi dorlik, Thanks very much for checking the model. Appreciate it. Can you confirm that you printed it with TPU? If so, can I have your settings? Are you saying that you usually put a couple of Ultimaker reels on the S5's spool holder, and then print from a reel on a separate spool holder? If so, that's interesting. I was printing from a separate spool holder too, but with only one Ultimaker reel on the S5's spool holder.
  5. Both cores are AA 0.4, both loaded with Ultimaker brand black TPU95A. Cura version is 4.7.1, firmware version is whatever the latest is as of today. By fail I mean that I receive the error message that is the subject of this thread: "One material appears to be empty..." Not a configuration error.
  6. This isn't solved. Whatever else the cause, it also seems to be dependent on the particular model I'm printing. I.e.: I try both extruders. They both fail. I print a different model with identical print settings, once with each extruder. They both succeed. I switch back to the original model. Both extruders fail. I switch back to the other model. Both extruders succeed. Etc, etc. Could someone help me out by trying to print the attached model? It's tiny.. Thanks, -- Anthony umma95_v
  7. Is there any timescale on fixing the blob bug? I.e.the S5 finishing (and ruining) a print by leaving a big blob on it (when printing with TPU)?
  8. OK. Tried a different network adapter, and this time, I manage to get through the WiFi setup procedure UNTIL the final step. Now, the S5 hangs for a while and then prints up the 'Wi-Fi connection failed' message. Man, this is disappointing (unforgivable) for such an expensive product.
  9. (I'm using a Windows 10 laptop) Hi, Tried to connect to S5 via WiFi. It's a no go. Following the on-screen WiFi setup procedure, the S5 instructs me to connect a computer or smartphone to it and start a browser. I can see the S5's SSID in the Windows WiFi network list, and direct my laptop to connect to it. Then, nothing happens. The procedure is stalled and I have to abort. Help! Thanks ?
  10. (Ultimaker S5) Hi all, My problem is that a fat first layer (perhaps even couple of layers?) makes features like screw holes too tight. The fit is fine the rest of the way through the hole providing I allow for shrinkage. My first layer looks really good, generally. What should I be doing differently? Thanks :)
  11. Well, I tried a few prints of TPU with PVA, and I can't get the materials to stop stringing into each other. Are there any hard and fast rules simply to stop a material stringing (temp and speed, rather than geometry of the slice/print)?
  12. Can I disable nozzle heating during active levelling? It's causing the (TPU) filament to extrude out of the nozzle during the process, which causes it to fail. Thanks ?
  13. OK, I still have a few problems: 1) Blobbing when the nozzle dwells in one spot. For example, just as the print finishes, the nozzle stop and dwells. A blob forms. Yuck. How can I stop this happening? 2) The ceilings of overhangs being craggy and uneven. I am creating support structures underneath overhangs in the same material (I wouldn't DARE using a second nozzle/material for this, as TPU is hard enough to deal with on its own), but when I break them away after printing, the ceilings look very rough and nasty. Any advice? Oh, I'm using a 0.4 core.
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