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  1. Hello, for years now I get the problem that I see blueish noise in the CURA window after my ubuntu 20 box (with Nvidia graphics - happens on various models) resumes from suspend. Shifting the window resolves the problem partially, but menu items still are scrumbled. What can I do? Cheers, Wolf
  2. Oh. It's in the "General" section at first page - and this is not covered by the search function for settings. Therefore, I could not find it. But I was certain, it must be existant... In German: "Setzt Modelle automatisch auf der Druckplatte ab" Thank you! W
  3. Hello, I tried to set positive z values to create overlapping reinforcement sections in the middle of my item. I can type a number >0 into the z value box, but it will always reset to 0 after ENTER. Is there a control to enable z>0? Cheers, Wolf
  4. Hm. This postings are 3 yrs old now, but the problem seems to persist - I've got the same problem, and I found notifications about it in other forums. The workaround "tweak values in the STL" is not very charming when you use 3D prints for mould injection prototyping - at least for me it's hardly avoidable to make nasty mistakes with that. But: Is it really impossible to correct the behaviour of the filament within the slicer? - I think, it already does that in many places. And it should be possible to identify vertical "rings" and apply some correction. Maybe adjustable (I love CURA for its abundant controls!!), as filament qualities may vary a lot ? Cheers, Wolf
  5. herrdeh


    Thank you for your time. 1. FC is installed (0.18) 2. At cura 3.4 I've got a "toolbox" menu. In the window it opens, I find a "menu" entry,but this is grayed out and will not open. 3. At cura 3.3.1, I tried the plugin installation as mentioned above. Cura says "installed properly" - I can now choose FC files but they are not installed. See error log (from terminal) attached. HTH, Cheers, Wolf Fehler-cura.log
  6. herrdeh


    Hello, I'm on ubuntu 18.04. Have got Cura 3.3.1-PPA and the appimage of 3.4.1. Tried to install the FreeCAD-Plugin, but couldn't get it. The appimage does not provide any plugin menu item, the PPA version has got a "Plugins" menu, item, but this only offers "browse plugins", where I cannot find the FC plugin. I copied the plugin file (CuraFreeCADPlugin-0.1.1.curaplugin) to ~/.local/share/cura/plugins and made it executable, but still no FC-files are visible. @thopiekar - could you give me a hint? Cheers, Wolf
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