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  1. Some of them are very smooth and nice. What are the colours you are using to give such a finish
  2. I am making Lithopanes on an ultimaker 3, these days some I am able to make, some break mid way, any thing I can improve on . Some even go up to 120 mm,
  3. yes it's an ultimaker 3. I am getting in touch with reseller but they are not responding. This is what they did in my machine first but new problems come up every day. you guide me and I will try to do it but as it's still under warranty period so suggest or I will wait for their response. Thank you
  4. I bought an ultimaker 3 in January and I am having issues with it since day 1. In a brand new ultimaker the printer head cable was changed, extruded board was defective and now capacitor sensor or circuitry board is showing issues, as leveling is a problem. Even manuals not helping. Thank you . Kindly guide as to what to do.
  5. leveling problem , neither active leveling nor manual leveling is working . something wrong with capacitor sensor or circuitry problem . kindly guide
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