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  1. Deselect "infill before walls" in the infill tab. Also disable "compensate wall overlaps". That worked to me and to everyone I helped with this issue, which are a lot.
  2. I just noticed using this beta a "build volume temperature" option between "default printing temp" and "printing temp", so at the second spot. Some options below there also are the old 3 options for the bed temperature, so what is that one for? It is at 35°C..
  3. This is the (well, one of the multiple reasons) I abandoned cura. I never found a way to print a benchy without the split on that section, all the benchies I tried separated on that layer like if they were printed separately. This never happened with any other slicer, and I don't use jerk and acceleration either actually, or at least I tried both ways before. This along with the bugs that corrupts cura 4.0 machines and profiles at every restart (very common bug since 4.0, I read about it everyday...) made it impossible to use Cura for any purpose. This said.. the split happens on the first "top" layer, that's where the material on the top doesn't bond at all with the one under it, it's not like it partially melts in some points, it just doesn't on any point. As I said, they seem printed separately.
  4. Hi there. One of the huge problems I have and I finally wanted to share here too, since I saw much other people with the same problem using cura recently, is that there are darker layers always in the same spots of a print. In this case, the benchy, the darker layers are just the layers under the first railing layer, starting from the end of the letters on the back of the benchy. The darker layers are also a bit overextruded in all the directions and they are also very weak. The print usually breaks, or splits, on that section just when removing it from the bed. I tried different materials, colours and settings without any difference, more or less they all become darker and split in that section. I will post the gcode so anyone can help me determine what hapens precisely on those layers that's different from the others. Even just the speed, coasting or whatever can affect it.. Thank to anyone who'll help here. 3DBenchy.gcode
  5. Hi there. I am struggling with tree supports since they don't respect the distance between the last layer branches and much parts are completely extruded in the air. Is there a way to correct it?
  6. What machine are you using? Maybe it will give hints to someone to help you more.
  7. Maybe you can take a look in the machine and extruder definition in the cura installation folder.
  8. Hi there. I noticed when using double extrusion on the edges there is a darker area. I think it shows you where the nozzle may run since there is the distance between each nozzles and it reduces the possible printing area. But it doesn't explain why each profile has a different dark area, what is the setting which controls it?
  9. I have my own profile with a 0.16 basic line width and 0.20 initial layer line width. But it also happens on top layers so it isn't the problem. The layers are just HUGELY overextruded with cura 3.6
  10. I noticed that exact over extrusion only in the top and bottom layers since only cura 3.6, while the perimeters are fine and even the flow is calibrated, since I precisely hit 0.40mm on a 0.4 nozzle. I couldn't print properly without the print failing because of the nozzle deeping in the print and hitting it. Downgrading to 3.5.0 solved this issue.. So yeah, something is faulty right there. So please, if some devs will drop into this topic, please consider taking a look.
  11. You're welcome.
  12. Increase the minimum layer time likely to 7 sconds, and reduce the retraction lenght and speed. I would recommend max 3mm and 45mm/s.
  13. I noticed using the stock profile it doesn't happen, but I don't get what setting is causing it in my own profile.
  14. Hi there. As you can see the tree support is solid and is most likely a shield. I set 3mm of distance between the tree tips but they're all joined. What's wrong?
  15. Uh, I have another question.. as I will use 2 different fans for each nozzle, what number do I need to use for fans in the machine profile? 0 and 1 or 1 and 2?
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