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  1. Hello all, Is there any fix for importing profiles in Cura 3.6.0?? I can export without problems but then importing the very same profile gives me an errorbox: Error al importar el perfil de E:/Mert/44 Maquinas FDM alternativas/Ultimaker/Perfiles Materiales/Novamid1030-V4.curaprofile: <message> No se ha podido encontrar un tipo de calidad not_supported para la configuración actual.</message> Translated: Error importing profile xxxx. It was not possible to find a type of quality not supported for the actual configuration.
  2. Ok, I think I fiound the solution, aparently Shrinkage factor ¨= Horizontal Expansion either positive values or negative values. Now testing some new industrial materials.
  3. Yes, I am aware about the infinity of parameters that can be used, but at the moment I am busy testing new materials and would like to know if there are any possible adjustment apart from scaling the model of course. Is there any sort of test-suite of models to print? Thank you for your feedback!!
  4. I installed V3.6 a couple of days ago, it prints ok for me since I am still learning how to use things properly. A question I'd like to put here is about material shrinkage. Normally with production machines you can calibrate some test parts to obtain the shrinkage factors XYZ and configure them into either the machine/software or into the material definition. Is there anywhere some hidden configuration in order to "fine" tune the geometry of the parts?? For the rest I am pritty much impressed. Regards, Mert
  5. Hi WesLeyE, Thank for helping me with this, I just re-formatted the USB-stick just in case and downloaded the files again with Iexplorer instead of Chrome. Now it has installed ok. Hopefully now it works even better!! Thanks everybody for helping me with this! LAmmertus
  6. Just checked, the files are rootfs- and rootfs- Is there a download site for downloading the current and maybe older versions, just in case of??
  7. Thanks, I will try that!! Unfortunately I can not connect the printer to internet due to our local network security configurations! Can it be done from a PC to the printer?
  8. Yes I did, 2 files in total but no luck at all! ( 1 file is a tar.gz or something and the second file is the .sig file ) The printer runs fine for the moment but I'd like to have the latest firmware.
  9. Hello all, I just tried to install the latest firmware for the Ultimaker S5 using a USB-stick but the printer says it can't validate the files. These files were downloaded from the website a couple of times but no luck! The files are: Any help on this is highly apreciated! Kind regards, Lammertus
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