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  1. Hi i noticed the improvements yes. but i cant controll the z hop as i could in the plugin. I used to enable the z hop only for certain layers (mostly first and last). with cura its go or die.. do you anderstand what i mean? thx
  2. thanks for your statement. a bummer! since the plugin was so much better than the "no skin combing mode". is there any chance for a remake? would be much aprechiated..
  3. the plugins RetractWhileCombing and ScalableExtraPrime dont work anymore..
  4. i cant use the plugins retractwhilecombing and scalableprimeamont anymore. too bad
  5. Is there a way to enable "one-at-a-time-mode for a single object that has long travel moves? that would save a lot of printing-time and -quality. I tried to split the object but this way cura was unable to slice.. the only way was to have two gcode files that i would run after each other without removing the first object from the heatbed.. thx for your help
  6. I have the same problem as the first post of this threat.. any solution yet
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