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  1. Load STL from Fusion to Cura . Check dimensions in Cura all good, when prints Y axis is scaled down 50 % other axis all correct. Checked steps etc all good
  2. Could a youtube Video be made to help install. thanks
  3. running Cura 4.2.1. when printing a layer head will pause mid layer the return back along its path, at the pause point leaves a small "ZIT". is this an ongoing problem or has it been fixed. Tried every thing..... except the solution.
  4. I dual extruders. When slicing I disengage 2nd extruder , select Extruder 1 from side bar on right slice when open settings for extruder 1 , cross appears through 2 extruder . All good i think, however when printing it stops and begins to print with 2 extruder, then reverts back to 1st extruder. any ideas please.
  5. I am trying to print a "U" on its side, without supports. If i try bridging how is the support / pylon at the open end of "U" constructed?
  6. Can Cura App be linked to Dropbox like Autodesk, Adobe etc.
  7. printer was printing perfect circles now after loading in latest version of Cura now printing ellipse. is it the printer or Cura
  8. i load a STL then scale up 150% using uniform scaling upscaled size appears the save. When it prints it still the pre scaled size.
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