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  1. i can report, the recovery procedure has worked, my S3 is back up and running
  2. i put in a ticket, i hope you all have a fast way to let us all know, my printer runs non stop and now i am down..
  3. upgraded my S3 tonight.. and it seems bricked.. been an hour, tried rebooting, nothing
  4. i want to make a print that has rigid plus flexible parts all in one print. i have a UM 3 so have dual nozzles. any suggestions on material combinations that will bond to each other?
  5. there was one reviewed recently on the youtube channel of the 3d printing nerd at a recent 3d printing show.
  6. using an UM 3 and cura 3.6. i have downloaded a material profile from marketplace and imported it into cura. if i attempt to print over network to my printer i continually get errors about material not matching. if i just save the file to USB drive then print, that works. i can not figure out how to tell Cura or the printer what material i really have loaded. TIA
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