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  1. that could be a problem with the model itself, could you upload the stl for it?
  2. No problem, happy to hear your prints fine and happy going along printing again 🙂
  3. Hi, You don't press the unload button when you have run out of filament, when you run out of filament and the prints auto paused you go to the filament thats run out and press the "change" button to change out the spool. The unload button is for just removing a spool and not loading a new one for when you are printing and only needing one print core so you can store your other spool somewhere. The load button is for when you wish to load a spool back onto the printer. This is why both the load and unload are greyed out when printing. When changeing spool always use the "change" button.
  4. I would personally dry PVA for a good 8-10 hours if you have had problems with that spool, it takes in so much water so fast that it needs a real good dry. I would also look into getting a dry box or something to store the PVA in even why you print, the polybox is good for this. I personally use breakaway myself now with PLA because i don't have a problem with what i print needing support in places i can not get to, so i print with supports as PLA and the floor and roof of the supports with Break away.
  5. That's likely due to the walls of the model being to thin to do a single extrusion width at them points. If you turn on "Print thin walls" from under the "Shell" settings it might help, you can also try a smaller nozzle size. Other then that, it would need the model to be made thicker walled.
  6. It helps, to post the errors you get and at what stage you get them, if you getting errors when auto leveling runs, try uploading a video of what happens.
  7. First off have you tired to do hot and cold pulls on the print core incase its blocked? If you have and filament extrudes when doing the cleaning, but then when you print it don't extrude. then you should be looking at settings and the feeder. Have you tired the printcore in slot 2 with the same filament to see if you still get the same problem? If it works fine in slot 2 then i would check the feeder on slot 1 to check its clean and all working fine. Also check the tentsion. Also the more information you give, the better people can help to see if anything looks wrong, eg type of filament, settings, what the filament looks like thats been in the feeder (should have little indents in it where its been gripped).
  8. Hi, is this a problem thats started after having worked fine or is it a new printer? A few things can make the active leveling fail: The manually leveled bed can be done up to tight, when look at the print bed from the front, you want like a 1mm gap i think it is between the the frame and the glass, if its lower back the adjustment off to get the gap and manual level again, then try auto leveling. Electrical interference, from items close to the printer. So try moving any other electric items away from the printer to see if any of them have been behind interference with the S5 sensor.
  9. You can buy nozzles that fit the print core from a few places, the main problem is the risk of breaking the print core in doing so because it’s got a thin metal neck part that you could snap easy if you twist the heat block when taking the nozzle out. the printer will still think it’s a 0.4mm nozzle so you will need to edit the line widths in Cura
  10. A few things can change between small to big prints. Heat creep in the hot end is one that can affect how the printer will extrude, if the heat builds up into area's of the hotend it should not do. Pressure within the nozzle can change going from model to model. Blobs can be build up on the nozzle coming free, PETG likes to stick and normal you start a print with a little bit more of a gap between the print bed and the nozzle. Posting, photos of the prints and also what printer you use and your settings can also greatly help people to be able to able to help you, as sometimes it can be the most basic setting that could make problems.
  11. I think if the forum software lets them, they could make it so people tag their post with the printer they have and that could be added to the forums filter system so you could filter threads by printer type. This would only help with new posts going forards, but it would also help to highlight the printer someone own and is asking about when asking for help, because thats not always made clear what can make helping harder.
  12. On Ultimaker.com on the top right on the page you will see "Find resellers" click that and pick where you are from and it will list the official resellers for you, who will be able to help you with ordering any official parts you need.
  13. If you watch the print, you will see that it's likely that's due to the PLA starting to lift on parts where the overhang is almost flat, what could be a cooling factor or the PLA is just not sticking to the PVA very good.
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