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  1. Carla_Birch

    s5 Material flow sensor

    The sensor works fine for me with 3rd party filament and i use it all the time, printer is basically on 24/7 most the time. Have you updated to the latest firmware btw, i know a past update fixed a bug with the flow sensor saying one filament had run out all the time.
  2. Carla_Birch

    Replacement S5 glass build plate?

    Yep they are official Ultimaker S5 ones.
  3. Carla_Birch

    S5 dimming led's, broken, again?

    It's just a bug that seems to have come back, once you can reset your machine it will be fine and with luck the next update will fix it for good and its also due to add support for LED's going totally off and not just dim. So i would wait it out before cutting into wires on a £6k machine.
  4. Carla_Birch

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    I have to say goprint3d.co.uk where i got my S5 from was real good and they sent me a email like the next day after official post and a postal letter also about the build plate.
  5. If you wish to save on PVA you can print with PLA supports with just a PVA Roof, this is something i personally do and it greatly saves on time and cost. But you can only really do this if the supports are in places where you can still remove the PLA support. But if the model is one where you can do just that you save time and money why keeping the benefit of a smooth underside on overhangs that PVA gives. As for the above it could be due to prime tower, 0.8 will do a wider wall around the prime tower than 0.4 would, this is just a guess i have not looked so try it without a prime tower (if you are trying with one)
  6. Carla_Birch

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.1.7

    The led's going off will be in a update in the new year, you can edit the code to fix the problem yourself but it's not something i would risk doing on a machine that costs so much and would wait for the official update.
  7. Carla_Birch

    S5 LEDs no longer dim...?

    I still had it happen once even after the patch, just power down and boot back up and was fine.
  8. Carla_Birch

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    My S5 works perfect and i have yet to have any prints fail and i'm up to 70days of running hours on the hot end, problem is due to end user not using supported software. My only problem is with the lack of aluminum build plate but that don't stop it from being a great printer that can just keep printing over and over none stop.
  9. Carla_Birch

    Aluminum build plate update

    @SandervG Could you not put forward the idea to pack in a box of the adhesion sheets also along with the extra glass? this would: 1) make the value more like for like in terms of whats been lost out by no longer getting the Aluminim build plate, because i'm very sure it would have cost much more than a glass one to replace. 2) Would add back some of the promise that you can print more hard wearing filaments on the machine that are not so kind to glass build plates.
  10. Carla_Birch

    Aluminum build plate update

    I think one the factors wrong that most people have with this is the replacement value, a new glass build plate is like €32 new and thats official ultimaker one, I'm sure an aluminum would have cost a great deal more than that, we ordered a machine with a promise of something and we are not getting that promise now we are being given something i feel of greatly less value as a way to make us feel happy they broke a promise? When you break a promise you should try and go above to make people happy, this just feels like the min ultimaker could have done and is not a like for like value replacement, i mean i'm happy i'm getting a extra glass even know i already have some due to the delay in the 2nd plate but you could have easy added up the value and the use of it by adding some sheets in also for people that wanted the aluminum build plate to use with filaments that are harder and more likely to damage the glass.
  11. The aluminium build plate as been cancelled going by a email I got just. We are now getting a 2nd glass build plate shipped out. It’s a shame as the aluminium build plate was sold to us with the promise that it’s better for printing some types of filament than glass. Now I guess it’s glass and sheets if you want to print something that eats into the glass if by itself.
  12. Carla_Birch

    Ultimaker 3 - build plate

    Not sure how you are going about it but most people that print on textiles will print the first layer or 2 of the print and then stop the print and place the textiles over the top and just tape it down and restart the print. I think you should be more worried when adding anything between the platform and the glass about the glass then hitting the print heads due to it being higher, also about the loss of heat transfer between the platform and glass. Not 100% sure what you plan to print but i feel you might be over thinking the set up when just good old tape or bulldog clips might just do the trick just fine.
  13. Carla_Birch

    Size does not fit

    Go to the marketplace and install printer settings in side bar if you don't have it installed already, then under the printer settings in side bar you can set the steps.
  14. Hi, just checking to see if there is any update on the Ultimaker S5’s aluminim build plate and when it might start to be shipped out to owners of the printer? many thanks
  15. Carla_Birch

    Now available: Ultimaker Cura 3.6 | Stable

    Anyone else find that when gyroid infill is used that the time to print in cura is way out from real life? (Using Ultimaker S5 to print) In Cura it said 14 hours 12min, but real world was 19 hours 37 min what i find to be way way out next to using one of the normal infills i used before 3.6

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