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  1. With filaments like carbon fills and wood files, its better to use a nozzle thats a min of 0.5 to stop the nozzle from blocking easy, its why Ultimaker's high wear nozzle is a 0.6.
  2. If you have taken the feeder apart make sure the head of the adjustment screw is down inside the casing, it has a habit of popping out and up what then has taken tension of the filament what might make the printer think its not getting the right flow so it then thinks you got a part blockage or something thats limiting the flow, what it will be doing as it might be slipping with the tension being off. If its inside in the right place make sure you have not knocked the adjustment out, the arm should line up in the center of the slot, sometimes you need to adjust it a little so it grips bit more tight.
  3. You don't need to guess, its very easy to know what print core has give the error, just look to see what core was active printing by seeing what ones the lowest nozzle and thats the active core that give the error, simples.
  4. Get the same problem on my S5 thats linked via ethernet, drops in and out a lot, whats a pain when trying to check up via the video feed in the app. I have also seen that slicing and doing a preview in Cura makes connect drop out also.
  5. Yep but you typed 5.2.27, thats why i was checking, but guessed you had mistyped. Have you tired a cura connect reset on the printer?
  6. 5.4.27 is the latest firmware for the Ultimaker S5, i'm guessing thats the one you mean you updated to?
  7. If your main aim is to save on filament used for infill than you could try using the "gradual infill steps" setting, this setting lets you start off with hardly any infill and then as it gets close to a roof it add's more infill based on your settings.
  8. Many thanks, I was guessing its likely been a packing error because as you can see from the image its marked up for Ultimaker S5, but clearly says its the 1696 and not the 1373 you are on about, i have contacted the resell to see if they can help because i have had to reinstall the old bowdens for now.
  9. Not sure why an official resell for Ultimaker is selling the SKU 1696 marked up as for the Ultimaker S5 then, they even had to ship it in from Ultimaker as they did not stock it.
  10. Hi, I ordered replacement Bowden tubes for my Ultimaker S5 from GoPrint3D here in the UK and i just want to see if the length as been changed by Ultimaker because the new Bowden tubes are about 6" shorter than the ones that come with my printer and this means when loading filament, the filament will hit the printhead on loading and keep trying to push it for 6" more and grinds a lump of the filament. So i have to lift the tension arm when loading filament to stop it grinding, the bag they come in is all marked up for the Ultimaker S5
  11. First things first, dry your PVA out if you have not already done so. Then you can adjust the tension on the feeder via the bolt you access via the little hole in the top of the feeder. to loose and it slips and then it dig a hole in the filament.
  12. So right now when you queue up print jobs in Cura Connect it just displays the part, filament type, print cores and build plate. But it would be real nice and handy to also display the filament needed in weight and meters like how Cura does when you slice the file. Sometimes i can have parts in a queue for weeks so its very easy to forget what amount of filament is needed to help you pick if you will need to change spool or not mid print, why the filament sensor on the S5 is great, it don't help if it runs out a hour after i go from the printer and can not get back to it for 6-7 hours to swap the spool.
  13. You can go to tight with the tension and it will show because it will big indents in the filament, most the time it only needs a small turn to tighten it up to stop any small slips that will set off the filament sensor warning. As for nozzle blockage its best to just get some the cleaning rods and run the nozzle clean via the menu, i do mine about every 3 . months and my S5 is running almost none stop.
  14. Cura needs to be open before Fusion 360 will export the stl to it, it's a problem with the MacOS, so just click to open fusion from the dock and then open fusion 360 and go about things as normal.
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