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  1. Hello, I have a tevo black widow and the entire hot end got clogged up in a ball of nylon filament. When this happened, the printer showed a MAXTEMP error message and was completely unresponsive, meaning I could not change screens, it was just the error message and I could not do anything. so I REPLACED THE ENTIRE HOTEND. It still shows the MAXTEMP error message and is still unresponsive. I of course tried pressing the reset button but it flashes and restarts but goes right to the same error message. Anyone have any experience or ideas for why this is happ
  2. hhahahaha When I have car problems I pop the hood and look at the engine, shake my head and then call a real man to fix it... I will watch some youtube videos on how to solder, and then after I burn down my machine I will likely buy a new one hehe. Thank you for the help, it is much appreciated!! One more question, how in the heck do I figure out which wire connects to black and which to red? The new hotend wires are both blue.....
  3. Hello, I am trying to install a new hotend on my tevo black widow printer. The female connections my printer uses is in picture 1. Picture 2 shoes the normal male connection on the left as compared to the male connection that came with the new hot end on the right. Also picture 3 shows the blue connections I have to make from the hot end to the other end of the e3d male connection. The blue wires do not fit into the slots. Can I just connect the blue wires directly to tevo female connection and skip that adapter that doesnt fit anyway? Any help is appre
  4. So the heat sink thing is probably wishful thinking on my part? Hopefully it's fixable and will get a soldering iron. I'm fairly new to 3d printing so today I learned heat sink and soldering iron. Thanks so much Erin!
  5. Hello all, Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for any help in advance. I have a failed print and the hardened filament encased the entire hot end. Wanted to just heat up the hotend and try to melt it but my tevo black widow will not let me get past the home screen where I get a "mintemp" error message. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Thank you both so much for the replies!!!! Sorry for the late reply on my part
  7. Anyone know of any free phone or ipad apps for 3d scanning feet that give .stl files as their format? I know there are apps like techmed but that's a pay per scan service. I have to do potentially several scans per day and looking for something free and in .stl Any help is greatly appreciated thank you!
  8. Thank you all for the responses. Will try out those recommendations!
  9. Finished a 3.5 hour print and started a 2nd print. First layer was fine but when I came back to check on the print, the z axis was way above the bed and was printing into air. There was no more filament coming out of the nozzle so there was not a huge stringy mess of filament even though it was printing in air. I guess the filament stopped coming out and then the z axis changed. There was some weird residue all over the hot end and I attached some pics. I just shut off the machine the instant I saw it was a failed print but forgot to check what the screen said before I shut it d
  10. Thank you for the response and the warning about fire! It hasn't happened again so not sure wtf that was about. It was a very cold day and the wind was blowing somewhat at it so maybe just couldn't reach temp that day? Thanks again
  11. Printing with a slightly flexible nylon material (pctpe) and it just won't stick to my glass covered heated bed, which is at 70 degrees. Tried strong hairspray and then extra strength glue sticks for bed adhesion but nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advanced!!!
  12. Was checking my 2nd print of the day and after starting properly, it was now printing in the air couple of inches above the heatbed. Nothing was coming out of the nozzle and there was residue or leakage all over the extruder. (see attached pictures) I was printing on a tevo black widow printer with stock extruder sainsmart flex material on a 1mm nozzle. 220 nozzle temp, 60 bed temp Look at all the residue/leaking/I have no idea what that is....
  13. I am trying to print a test cube with nylon 230 (nylon that is supposed to be able to print at 230 degree nozzle temp). I am using a 1mm nozzle that I have successfully printed other materials with. I am getting an error message after the first couple of layers saying "runaway temperature" and it stops printing. Is 230 too hot? Is the bed temp too high? I did try to print at 240 degrees and it wouldn't reach that temperature at all so went to 230; which it was supposed to be at according to manufacturer. I am using the tevo black widow printer no up
  14. I reduced the layer height to .6 and it is printing nicely. About halfway through the print right now. Thank yo so much all. GR5, you actually solved an under-extrusion problem for me before. I owe you a couple! Thanks again
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