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  1. Do not bother with acc and jerk settings. Set Print temp 185-190ºC for PLA Print speed may be 40-60 Retract speed 1,4m and 15mm/s Important: make sure your extruder max speed is set above retraction speed. Most printers are limited to 5mm/s. Set it above 25mm/s from the machine ram settings..
  2. After 3 months sleeples nights finally I solved the problem. Just watch the video ;))
  3. Hi Guys, Finally I fixed the problem. Here is why its happening..
  4. When starting a new layer, sometimes it skips 1 thread. And that causes the layer skips as shown. Slicer and older Cura (before 3,6) does not make these things..
  5. I have the same layer skips in Cura4.. Slic3r does not make this skips..
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