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  1. Awesome, thanks Carlo! I'll do a factory reset tomorrow when I get into work and I'll edit this post with my result. Albeit I'm a little embarrassed I didn't think of a factory reset, I'm still pretty new to using a UM machine but now that you said it I had a forehead slapping "duh!" moment
  2. I know I'm late to the party here, but there's a very simple reason for this - temperature gradient. Half-ish of the sample becomes hotter faster, and expands. The colder side of the two resists this deformation until it reaches temperature equilibrium. It's the same effect that makes bi-metal strips work for their applications, just bi-metal strips are engineered to make the effect far more pronounced.
  3. Yes, I know you can. That's not the point. The release notes for the beta explicitly states "added profile for TPLA" - and yet there is no profile for TPLA. Sort of the thing one points out about beta tests. The added profile was the entire reason I slapped the beta firmware onto the printer, so that I don't *need* to adjust the PLA profile for it. I swap between CPE+, Nylon and TPLA on a daily basis when I'm running the printer, and often more than once a day. I don't want to have to adjust the profile, so I opted for the beta that explicitly listed it, but it's not t
  4. Personally, I'd get the parts from UM or an authorized seller, eBay ones can be very hit or miss with poor QC and there's no real reason to equip a printer of this price range with crummy sub-par parts. UM will have done their due diligence on finding a reputable supplier of quality parts, there's no reason to try to reinvent the wheel for saving $20
  5. Carlo, I recently got a 2+ here at work, and one of the materials I got with it is Tough PLA. I'll be uploading this beta firmware tomorrow when I come in and I'll leave some feedback for you Update: @CarloK - So I installed the beta firmware this morning, few things I've noticed. First, the OLED on the front seems to like to jump around now when I'm going through menus, the entire buffer jumps to the right by 1 or 2 pixels for a single update then goes back to normal, slightly annoying but not game-breaking. There's no To
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