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  1. Wanted to update with a picture using my settings. Print time is 3:20 for the NIH Prusa. I wasn't able to speed up the print as I had hoped without detriment to the quality - eg layer adhesion.
  2. Here's my modifications to Ishy's settings! Profile is attached! NIH Prusa RC3 Remix from 5:50 to 2:51 estimated using these settings. I'm working on bumping speeds up still, but this is a significant improvement. Will post pics of the most recent one. Thanks everyone for their help! If someone knows better on any of these settings please speak up! Settings exported in Gcode using: %%$ This setting may not be allowable for water-tightness %%% ; Fill Gaps Between Walls : Nowhere ;saves material and 40min for a NIH RC3
  3. Just wanted to post how helpful that python script was! Thank you!
  4. Biggest thing for speed is the layer height. With the standard 0.4mm nozzle we can increase that to 0.3mm. My print time went from 5.5hrs to 3.5 hours. I'm no expert by any means but will share what I come up with. 🙂
  5. Prints are looking great now! Tiniest bit of stringing, but no major problems. Now time to optimize for speed! Taking a look, it looks like that combing mode makes the largest difference. Setting it from "All" to "Not in skin" "None" was the solution. Thanks everyone!
  6. Looks like the forum is just having us download it in a weird format. Changing the file extension to .curaprofile worked! Thanks for sharing - will give this a go.
  7. Been having a super difficult time with PETG (non-ultimaker) on a couple UM3 printers we have in our group. DEFINITELY looking for a good PETG profile! Thanks Ishy for sharing! I'm not able to load the profile as well it seems.
  8. Hey - Did you ever end up making your own interface for this? Would love to create my own tags and define them
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