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  1. Don't get me wrong, Smithy, I think the lineup is awesome. I wouldn't give up the print cores or the dual extrusion on the S3. It's just surprising that it doesn't even have an Air Manager, and that's been prioritised for the UM2C over the S3.
  2. Kind of seems like the S3 has become the neglected orphan of the lineup? No material station, no air manager -- it's more expensive and higher end than the UM2C but still comes with compromises in comparison, and it's almost in the same league as the S5, but not really.
  3. Fair enough, thanks Link. It hasn't happened since I applied the last one. I'll keep an eye on it.
  4. I recently started getting nozzle cover failures during prints. It's hard to pinpoint when it started happening. It possibly coincided with switching to the 0.6mm Ruby CC Core, and then the 0.8mm AA Core. Attached is a photo of actually one of the less dramatic examples. In this case the print completed successfully. In the other cases, a loose bed seems to have contributed to the problem. I have since tightened the 'clamps' on the bed and conducted manually leveling (because auto leveling was subsequently failing). Attached example of failed print due to p
  5. Tried a 20mm test cube with the same settings @ 190C and it came out reasonably well: Going to try a more complex print and see how it turns out...
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to print with standard Ultimaker PLA on an AA 0.8mm core. I'm using the built-in Fast 0.2mm printing profile in Cura. As with all new nozzle sizes and materials, I printed a temperature tower. This is how it came out: This is how this print comes out with a different filament (although with the AA 0.4mm Core): Looking at the online documentation, it suggests 200-210C and higher temperature for the 0.8mm nozzle. However, looking at the temperature tower, it seems like 190C or 195C came out best.
  7. It worked for me with the S3 when Colorfabb updated their profiles on the marketplace.
  8. Hehe, that'd be nice! I haven't tried with supports yet. I guess I'll add it to the list! Thanks for the suggestion
  9. Attached is a rather sad effort that was a result of printing a thinner version of the model. It still seems to be printing too many layers, and no amount of IPA smoothing helps. I used the PolySher (image attached) for IPA smoothing. It's a pretty impressive device. Going to try it with a regular model today to give it a proper test.
  10. Thanks AddMan! 🙂 The effort is continuing! Last night I started experimenting with a source model with thinner walls, and I'm now using the PolySher from Polymaker to do the IPA coating. I'm also waiting on the 0.8mm Print Core, which should work better. It's a challenge for sure! I'll post my newest test later 🙂
  11. That makes sense, thanks Smithy, good insight!
  12. As a follow up: it seems 200C is the ideal temperature, at least for my S3 and for this color. Attached is an end result, printed with PVA support.
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