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  1. Attached is a rather sad effort that was a result of printing a thinner version of the model. It still seems to be printing too many layers, and no amount of IPA smoothing helps. I used the PolySher (image attached) for IPA smoothing. It's a pretty impressive device. Going to try it with a regular model today to give it a proper test.
  2. Thanks AddMan! 🙂 The effort is continuing! Last night I started experimenting with a source model with thinner walls, and I'm now using the PolySher from Polymaker to do the IPA coating. I'm also waiting on the 0.8mm Print Core, which should work better. It's a challenge for sure! I'll post my newest test later 🙂
  3. As a follow up: it seems 200C is the ideal temperature, at least for my S3 and for this color. Attached is an end result, printed with PVA support.
  4. Thank you Torgeir for the advice, really appreciate it. I gave it another trying with 0.4mm layer height and adaptive layers. Please see below. I guess I will need to try turning off spiralized mode, and manually playing with the wall thicknesses. I did manage to print it fine before but it ended up with very thick walls, which meant it was impossible to achieve transparency with IPA (second attachment). It seems the solution is somewhere between the two! Thanks again!
  5. Hey all, I'm trying to print a transparent 'helmet' for a model. I've attached a 3mf. With transparent PolySmooth, you can print it thinly and then spray with IPA to increase the transparency (by smoothing the layers). Attached are my two attempts. The first one was going perfectly until it got near the top. It seems the curvature is just a little too steep for vase mode. The image attached is with a couple of layers of IPA already applied (to illustrate the transparent effect I'm trying to achieve). I then tried printing it upside down, but it seems it couldn't adhere to the first couple of layers, and I stopped it shortly after (you can see there is a spiral of loose filament on top of the initial layers). Any idea of settings that might help, please? I'm printing with a 0.4mm AA core on an Ultimaker S3. Attached images of all my settings. Only thing I can think of is maybe specifying more top layers? Thanks! Donogh ultimaker s3 -- polysmooth -- glass helmet -- vase mode.3mf
  6. Anyone have any thoughts on how I might improve this please? It's using the default settings for the Cura profile for Color on Demand, plus the change on Z extension, starting at 240C and finishing at 190C. (3mf attached.) The recommended temperature is 210C. 200C seems a lot better, but the right edge/ridge is only correct at 240C. Anything else I could try, please? S3 colorFabb Color on Demand -- Temperature Tower.3mf
  7. Yep, thanks Carla. I've been in touch with colorFabb support, Gijs has been super helpful. He just informed me of the same 🙂
  8. Gotcha, thanks! I reached out to colorFabb support. Maybe they can update the plugin.
  9. Maybe this has something to do with it: https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/materials/colorFabb_team/colorfabb_colorondemand The Ultimaker S3 isn't listed as supported?
  10. Good to know re CFF, thanks! Unfortunately, there is nothing in the list prefixed with 'Color on Demand'. Attached shows the material plugin in Cura. It shows fine in Cura, just not on the list of materials on the printer (checked and double-checked!). For now I set it to Generic PLA, and used the settings listed under Print Settings for Color on Demand in the Manage Materials menu. I guess that should work okay. No particular reason why I have them swapped around. I think I was switching between PVA and a second PLA material, and it was somehow more convenient to leave the PLA on printcore 2. I'll swap them back around, thank you for the advice!
  11. I've added the ColorFabb materials from the marketplace, and it's apparently sent the materials to the printer (S3). However, it does not appear in the list of materials I can select -- there are other ColorFabb materials, none of which are supported with the AA print core. When I manually override the material to colorFabb Color on Demand in Cura, the profile menu switches to 'Not supported'. Attaching screenshots showing the 'CFF' materials on the printer, and the not supported message in Cura. (Newest S3 firmware and latest version of Cura.) Am I missing something please?
  12. Very cool! One more thing for the 3D printing shopping list 😆
  13. Thank you for the detailed reply Carla, much appreciated. I'll check out UPSs in that case. The S3 uses 350W, will probably go with 1000va anyway!
  14. I had the impression that the S3 was able to resume after a power outage. We don’t normally have power issues but our fuse board is acting up over the past few days. So far it’s happened three times in the middle of printing, and every time it’s come back on it thinks the print is finished. Anything that can be done, please, aside from buying a UPS?
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