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  1. I agree with that. In my company we track the usage of filament per Person and Project. If you forget to write it down straight after slicing it's often more complicated then it should be to figure out how much filament you used for these models
  2. Hi guys, I like the new 4.7 version, but I found a small small problem: if the filename of an object is very long there is only the beginning of the name shown in the object list. In older versions the full name appeared after placing my cursor on the name but not in this version. My Printobjects are often multiple versions of one part with the same beginning in the name, so I don't know now which one is which configuration. Its not a problem I can't deal with, but I thought you guys would like to hear about it
  3. The first picture shows my model with a brim. As you can see are there sharp corners, which won't stick to the built plate when you're printing with PP. The second picture shows the same model with a raft and the Setting "Raft smoothing" activated. This setting rounds up the outer corners and it gets easier to print. For me it would be a nice feature to round the corner of the Brim like it is possible with a Raft.
  4. Hey guys, I tried to print with PP-Filament and because I knew that I would get some adhesion problems I printed with a Brim. The problem with the Brim is, that there are some corners on the outside... These corners made it harder for the print to stick on the built plate. I discovered the Raft setting "Raft smoothing" and that would be a perfect setting for the Brim as well. You could regulate the outer corners and I think it would get easier to print PP for example. Looking forward to hear from you Felix
  5. I'm a bit confused after I checked out the new Cura Version 4.6.2 you guys released yesterday. Normally I'm downloading the .MSI File you always provide at github but today I can't find it. So I heard from the new Ultimaker Essentials and in the presentation you told that one advantage of Cura Enterprise is the .MSI File you provide for the subscribers... I wondered, because normally everyone is able to download it, hopefully you're just a little bit late and not going to make the free to use software bad to sell the new subscribing product. I would like to hear from you!
  6. @robinmdh Thank you. After the reboot of the printer and the Ultimaker Connect reset everything worked porperly again 🙂 I recognized that the firmware update brought a stabilized cennection of the printer and its camera. I appreciate that a lot
  7. Hello, after I updated our Ultimaker S5 to the latest Firmware 5.6.8. I had several problems I never had before... After I started the first print the error message ER998 showed up, so I had to finish the print without using the touchscreen... it wasn't a bigger problem but as i removed the print this morning and restarted the printer i tried to start the next print. After the restart of the printer I confirmed that I removed the print and the touchscreen of the S5 looks as usual but Cura don't get this information... Unfortunatly Cura shows that the last print is aborted and i am not able to start a new print because there is no option to tell Cura that i removed the finished print... Thanks for any help
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