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  1. It's not something wrong with your nozzle. I had the exact same problem yesterday with PVA in the Material Station on my new Pro Bundle. The BB nozzle clogs partway into the print. Update: After carefully re-seating all of the Bowden tubes in the feeder and the decouplers, I was able to successfully print the S5_Printer-test from the included USB stick. It appears the Bowden tubes may get displaced during the process of unpacking and assembling the Pro Bundle.
  2. I have a couple of questions about the decouplers: 1) What is the proper procedure to install (re-install) the bowden tubes into the decoupler? Specifically, the upper tube (between the Material Station and the S5) was removed - how far should it be re-inserted into the decoupler? 2) Is there such a thing as "recalibrating the decoupler" as mentioned in the quote above? If so, is this something an end user can perform? I ask because we are unable to reliably feed UM PVA using our Material Station (brand new Pro Bundle, latest firmware 5.8.2).
  3. FWIW, I have a brand new Pro Bundle with the latest firmware (5.8.2). I have had very similar problems to those mentioned above while trying to print with the supplied spool of PVA in feeder/extruder 2. Three hours resetting and resetting the printer and material station from multiple extruder errors. Have not been able to complete the S5 Test Print without getting a plugged BB / PVA extruder2. I believed one of the two main purposes of the material station was to maintain hydroscopic materials with the appropriate moisture level for printing. It is very disturbing to find out that
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