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  1. I am having same issue, would love to hear from the community about this...
  2. I printed this tray using polymaker asa. Job did not warp. The bottom of the tray is good and flat but the inside is not. What could cause this?
  3. I have the material station. I printed this within 1 hour of unpacking the pro bundle. The pva was brand new in sealed bag, until I used it. The pva seems to be breaking down as it got higher. I noticed that on the last layer the head was hitting the top layer, and was pushing the job down. I took video.
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post, got my S5 bundle today. Finally got it to work and did first print. Not looking very good at the moment. Any tips? I also had a lot of trouble with the printer as it did not have latest firmware. I did the setup as it was in the book and it did not say to update first, it said the machine will once it is going. This set me back a few hours!
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