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  1. that is terrible?.. for such a costly item (shocked)
  2. I stopped using the printer because i scared of getting failed prints, it is costing me a fortune
  3. I have a material station and the option to change filament is greyed out..not selectable
  4. I updated, now have a failed print, saying excursion failed whilst in print! There should be an option to change spools manually if filamant is running low, the flow sensor did not detect filament was low and was forced to abort now i have height.sensor indifference error when trying 2nd print?? EDIT:- I have tried the 2nd print and at the same time, to finished roughly I got same error..I am pretty sure this is an update firmware issue causing this, as the machine never did this b4..? I am now scared to use the printer because 8 hrs into a print job i get these errors..
  5. The cores i have are from Ultimaker themselves when i buy the new printer..I have a feeling it is all sotware related.
  6. So far i started the first print and i did not get a nozzle offset error, this is a huge positive. Plus i think the print quality has actually improved. I am impressed 🙂 and happy EDIT:- Started second print, there was a nozzle difference error but the update is definately better than the previous
  7. It worked im up and back in business..Thanks everyone I would just like to add the process is very simply u simply need a micro SD card place it in the reader, download the correct firmware and prepare your SD card for flashing. This requires you to download win32diskmanger and just select your file, select the correct drive to write too. And press write. Windows will prompt you to format drive AFTERWARDS. YOU JUST IGNORE THIS. Take flashed card and place in S5, where it meant to go The important thing is, the card itself is formatted correctly for you by the win32diskmanager for use or recognition in the S5 which is different to that of the pc. So the pc will not recognise the file system and ask you to format regardless
  8. I have tried to follow the instruction But they assume some knowledge i guess which i dont have it is missing. I have a SD micro memory card. I dont know which format is needed (this is not mentioned) I have assumed it is FAT32. I have tried to format to FAT32 but when i use the disk writing manger, immediately after writing, the memory card prompts my to format it ( what do I need to do here?). There is nothing in the manual about making the image bootable or how to do this..hence why i need help! Can someone please lay out clear step by step instructions
  9. what problems are u facing? At least your machine is operational, mines is dead! OK..this is what i have done.. Got a 64Gb SD micro card, formated the card to FAT32 added the file the um-restore-6.1.0.img to it. The printer is non responsive. It is like completely non responsive. Please help me This update and completely bricked my printer 😞
  10. IM assuming the card needs to be in FAT32? I hope its a card not reading issue stopping it from recovering..need a asistance plz
  11. I tried nothing happened, it is still stuck on the screen, nothing is loading
  12. the memory card what format is needed. I bought a 400gb card and cannot format it..lol Suggestions please. The card does not seem to be read? This is not working
  13. I need assistance too..I contacted my distributer here in the UK and they are asking me to pay to send my printer to them to flash via post for a problem caused by early release of Ultimaker firmware. I do not understand why i should burden the cost as it is not my fault (i did not cause this crash) so i hope there is a solution your link can provide me without having to send my printer? I need it operational for obvious reasons
  14. I will phone them tomorrow but i have no warranty as i bought the product on ebay and even thou it is brand new and first user - void warranty
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