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  1. No!! Any information on a list of hidden features/commands like this would also be helpful as I don't see anything in the menus. Thank you
  2. Really... It's March, where are those answers you were talking about? Also, the issue was not specific to the printer at all, it was entirely a Cura issue. I don't know how you can be wrong about so much and yet still not post anything remotely helpful at the same time. How are you telling me to be kind while also taking a cheap shot at another company? PERHAPS because if something is GARBAGE, it's not "unkind" to call it what it is? At least what I said was relevant to the space. To be polite as possible, I recommend you take a hard look at what you are doing as I'm
  3. Project files are not allowing any changes to modifier cubes after closing the Cura project. Upon reopening, I am unable to edit the position of modifier cubes or select one to edit settings, it looks like it's all just grouped as one part. The only way I can see to edit the position of the modifier cube is to ungroup the objects however doing this drops the modifier cube to the build plate from the specific position it was placed into. Am I missing somthing? Cura Issue.3mf
  4. I think thats about the fastest anyone could test the supporting ecosystem of a company. Took about 2 minutes at Prusa to get answers, It's been 22 hours on Ultimakers forum and no one has even put up a bad guess.
  5. Anyone see this reply? Not sure my posts are viewable.
  6. I am trying to print very large items that do not require a lot of detail on the Z-axis. Because of this, I have an Ender 3 V2 (4.2.2) running Marlin 2.0 setup with a 0.8mm nozzle. I have seen a lot of information that printing up to 0.6mm heights should be fine with the nozzle however in testing some more challenging pieces of a larger print, I have discovered that I get some pretty unsightly issues at anything over 0.4mm layer height.The main issues I have are.1. Anything over 0.4mm layer height produces blobs on most of the Z seam.2. Anything over 0.4mm layer height produces inward bowing o
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