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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for your replies and your help. Even though I haven't been able to slice the previously shown model since I had the problem for the first time, I have tried to get behind this problem and implement your solution thoughts. But somehow I can't disable my second extruder. @tinkergnome @fvrmr It is still showing the grey area at the side as if two extruders would be enabled even though I have disabled the second extruder. (see picture) Also I have checked the spec sheet for the UM3E in which the build volume is specified with 215x215x300 as I hav
  2. Hey there, so basically I'm trying to print a round object with a diameter of 210mm on my Ultimaker 3 Extended. The Problem now is that Cura is unable to slice my object because "It doesn't fit the build volume". According to the spec. sheet of the Ultimaker 3 Extended, the build volume for single extrusion should be 215x215x300 so I should be able to slice and print this without any problem, since I'm not even close to some safety margin. I have already disabled my skirt/build adhesion and checked the machine settings for the correct plate dimensions. I have also tr
  3. Hey there, For a few weeks now I'm experiencing extreme warping on the UM3E when printing certain geometry or sizes, especially on the models edges. (The model you see in the pictures is 100x100x35) I'm also getting a weird under-extrusion/skipped second layer in nearly every print, even in prints where the edges aren't warping at all (e.g.: some cylinder ⌀30mm). Warping currently only appears on PLA-prints, since I'm not printing "big" ABS-prints. Actions I have taken to combat the warping (without success): I have tried different bed temperature
  4. Hi everybody, so I've been printing with my UM3E for a bit over a year now and so far I am actually quite pleased with the quality of the models coming out the printer. But since I got my printer I am having issues getting the quality of my visible walls to an acceptable level when printing circular/round objects because it seems as the printer over extrudes und produces blobs on the outer walls. I have attached some pictures of my most recent prints with the second picture being the worst of them all, looking at the inner side of the object. I've tried toggling different sett
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