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  1. vPSW_nocontact.curaprofile Hello! I think that I am encountering a bug with how Cura is slicing my model. In my model, I have an interior wave that is enclosed by an outer casing, supported by two beams and a brim. When seeing how the wave prints, Cura extrudes material over the wave twice, resulting in my prints having too thick of an interior compared to its outer casing. I have checked the g-code to make sure that it actually is extruding the second time the nozzle goes over the wave; it is. Does anyone know why Cura is doing this or what to do to stop this? Thank you! UMS5_vPSW_TEST_7_nocontact.3mf
  2. Here is a project file of both the 30mm circle and the 40mm circle. UMS5_BothDisks.3mf
  3. Hello! I am trying to print a disk made of concentric circles, diameter of 30mm, and is a single layer tall, which is 0.1mm in height. When I went to check the preview, the concentric circles were not printing in an inside-out order like they normally would. I used the same profile settings on a disk with a diameter of 40mm and it printed in the order of inside-out with no problem. I attached a picture of the 30mm disk after about half way through its print, and you can see that I am getting gaps in the printing process. Cura does eventually fill these in, but I need the disk to be printed in order from the inside to the outside. I also attached a .ufp file, so hopefully you can see what I am seeing in better detail. I am pretty new to 3D-printing, so I would rather not have the solution to this problem be to directly go into the g-code. Is there any other way to solve this issue? Forum_Post.ufp Forum_Post.ufp
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