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Note for MacOSX 10.8.x users..

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Hi Everyone,

If anyone is using MacOSX 10.8.x, you will need to use the "Cocoa" version of the wxPython 2.9 library.

I followed the instructions provided on the Cura website, but just used the "Development" version of wxPython 2.9. instead of the earlier releases. This seems to provide MacOSX 10.8.x.

So far, things look as if they work. But I have't used the software yet.

Certainly, as time goes on, the Cocoa version will be the only way to go. The Carbon libraries will not work with future versions of MacOSX.

(Daid, I run a company that does MacOSX development. Private message me, if you need help.)


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I have Cura installed on 1 of my 2 macbook pro's

My Main mac is a Quad I7 (the one Cura wont install on) and my other mac is a Dual Core I7 (the one that Cura installed on)

This is the error I get

/Applications/3D_Printing/osx64-Cura-12.08/cura.command: line 1: python2.7#!/bin/bash: No such file or directory

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/Applications/3D_Printing/osx64-Cura-12.08/Cura/cura.py", line 80, in


File "/Applications/3D_Printing/osx64-Cura-12.08/Cura/cura.py", line 76, in main

from gui import mainWindow

File "/Applications/3D_Printing/osx64-Cura-12.08/Cura/gui/mainWindow.py", line 7, in

from gui import expertConfig

File "/Applications/3D_Printing/osx64-Cura-12.08/Cura/gui/expertConfig.py", line 8, in

from gui import preview3d

File "/Applications/3D_Printing/osx64-Cura-12.08/Cura/gui/preview3d.py", line 4, in

import numpy

ImportError: No module named numpy


I really would like to get it to work ... FYI Print run works no Problem though

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You are missing the numpy library. This should be available from easy_install. By running "sudo easy_install numpy".

You could also download 12.07, which doesn't use the numpy library yet. But is quite a bit slower and uses more memory.

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