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  1. Wie schaut bei dir der erste Layer aus? Ist der Plan? Die Wände sehen alle in Ordnung aus. Nur der Boden. Wenn bei mir die Haftung nicht vollständig ist heben sich einige Bereiche an. Wenn es zu viel ist und die Bodenstärke zu gering ist schaut es bei mir ähnlich aus.
  2. nearly same problem with my S5. After recalibrating the print core and manually leveling the bed the auto leveling function works fine again.
  3. Thank you i will try
  4. igo3d told me that they got the glass plates and that they will send the plates at KW 18 or KW19.
  5. I understand the difference between the sides if you want to print directly on glass. But why is it recomended to use the Tin side with adhesion sheet? What is the benefit to use Tin side with adhesion sheet? What will be the problems, if you will use the None-Tin side with adhesions sheet?
  6. Sorry Smithy I think you are not right. 3d printing is my hobby but not my work. I am working for Telekom in Germany and I am one of the last level support for technical VPN consulting in my company. I am planing and designing VPN for big companies witch have a lot of location all over the world. Sometime i have to plan and design more than 1000 locations. And of course an IP address concept is mandatory. DHCP is mostly not the only sulution you will use. Static IP- addresses will keep your network simple and is often used. In general you will find a mix of static or dynamic addresses. It depend on the customer needs. And if customer has desided not to use DHCP than it is not possible and will not be possible for one device. In general you have to say Static IP address is nothing spezial. Not supporting this old generic function as standard feature is a little bit creasy and shows that the developer (sorry Ultimaker team) not really have an idea how professional networking will work. But on the other side the Ultimaker Team have a lot of experience of 3d printing :-)
  7. zungara

    PVA blues

    how dry is your PVA? If it is not dry enough you will get problems. If it is nearly to dry it will easy break. I have no measure system but I start printing if it really easy break "into 1000 pieces" :-) But keep aware that it will not break in the tube.
  8. That is the point. But on the other side Sander has send me an PM. Perhaps we find a solution. For me it is important the promise they made will be get real. Easy print with a lot of different materials. It must not be an aluminium plate. :-)
  9. @SandervG, i have no problem with the uptime. So it is not a solution for me. I have problem with adhesion of big ABS parts. Sometimes it is to lees or sometimes it is to much. So I have the risk of destroying my glass plate. The solution was an aluminium plate.For me it is a challenge to print for example the attached part with ABS without the risk of destroying my glass or get a proper print. @twuelfing, agreed, I think the same @gr5, in general you are right. But it is tricky. And that is the point. As you can see I use a very long time Ultimaker printers. Yes it was very in the beginning when I start using Ultimaker. The old one makes a super job and I was very happy. With some tricks I got the old one printing ABS. But after 6 Years 3D printing, not commercial, I want to have some automations and benefits. Keep in mind what different price tag you have for an S5 und Ultimaker 3. Tisch.stl
  10. Yes, the Ultimaker II problem. I remember. After i read the post my first thougt was the same. The Ultimaker printer are so good. But these behavior you will keep in mind after years and you will remember next time. When i thought about to buy an S5 or an Ultimaker 3, i thought they will have learned about the dual extruder problem and i decided to buy the S5. Now I have to explain a lot. I am not shure if will get money next time if a key feature is not ready. Thinks like this can happen one time but a second time..... oh oh not good.
  11. I can understand you have technical problems. I can understand that you will not work further on develloping the aluminium plate. But there was a reason why you had spend a lot of time into developing a aluminium plate. This was one major reason why i decided to buy the S5. I want to print big ABS things and the hope was, that the aluminium plate will give me better adhesion. To get a second glass plate it is a nice try to make the customer happy, but will not really fit to me. For me a second glass plate is completly uselees, except i will destroy the first one. Perhaps you find another solution you do not know yet. What will happen to us, who bought the S5. Will we have to spend a lot of money the get the new sulution? If it is only a question of time i think we can talk about it, because i know when i bought the S5 that the aluminium plate was not ready. OK you told us that you will deliver at Q4 2018. Ok shit happens. I am able to wait. But if i have to spend a lot of money to get a better adhesion for ABS i will have a big problem. Than my decision to buy the S5 was wrong and that is not good thing.
  12. Hast du die Hintergrundbeleuchtung vom Display richtig eingestellt? Wenn. nicht sieht das Display u.U. nur blau aus.
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