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New Hot End Parts

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To Daid and the other UM folks.

After reaching the point of screaming at the piece of useless crap that is my Ultimaker last night after days and days of failures, I am about ready to throw it in a skip.

I have to deliver models to a client this week, so of course it chooses the perfect time to screw up. Despite everything I have done to alleviate it, I am getting plugs and grinding again. I get the first few layers OK, but as soon as I turn my back....

Please can you publish or send me the drawings or 3D cad of the new hot end parts so I can machine some up? This is now pretty much my last hope. I don't have time to order them even if they were available. I have PTFE and Brass here and can borrow a lathe at work.

Yours hopefully.


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Most important parts would be the Teflon connector piece and the new wooden plates. The new brass and nozzle also help, but the Teflon part is the real thing that prevents plugs.

I don't have exact drawings of the Teflon part, only what I measured from the beta V2 I got. And I think the sub-mm dimensions could be quite critical. I don't have any measurement for the new wooden parts, as I didn't measure them and already installed it on a machine.

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Hi Andrew,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing troubles with your Hot end.

I think the fastest way to get your hands on a new hot end is to order one in the store when it becomes available.

If you sent an email to [email=sales@Ultimaker.com]sales@Ultimaker.com[/email] i will contact you asap when i can sent it to you.

This will be either today or tomorrow.

I hope this is a proper solution for you,

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