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Printbed Display in Cura isn't aligned with absolute print area

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I've got the right printbed size showing 100x100 however I know it's off on the X & Y axes. If I keep the part within the shown area, it will hit the stops some 10mm from the actual area displayed on Xmax & Ymin, so I have issues centering the object in the actual printbed for printing. This was happening from the initial get go after installation. I have found that I can use the the largest part of the printbed if I align with the Xmin on the left, and the Ymax closest to me. However, This is not X0 and Y100 on the actual printbed, it's off by 10mm or more.  So, I'm losing at least 10mm or more on two edges.

How can I change this in the Cura software to actually represent the absolute locations? I would think Homing the print head, then setting something in Cura's settings would allow me to compensate for this. Does anyone know? Your help will be much appreciated in advance, thank you for you consideration.


Note to moderator, I could not preview this post before clicking POST, and when I tried to edit it, the text area was empty and the system treated it like a new post. I'm savvy to these kinds of problems, and had copied the text before clicking anything, so not much loss of time or production. I'm a really old programmer, trust, but backup! XD

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First of all - what kind of printer do you have? Please post it in your profile settings. It's fine if it's not an ultimaker since this is a cura question so your topic is relevant.

Can you describe what you are talking about please in a drawing? Show the area where 0,0 is on your printer, where the printable area is and so on?

There are things you can adjust in "machine settings" but maybe you already tried that? The um2go has a 100x100 printable area but it's offset quite a bit from the home switch because the bed doesn't reach wide enough on the left side. This was fixed in Marlin for um2go.

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