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Posted · XT Issues

Hi all,

Got my first 3D printer (Ultimaker 2) a couple of weeks back and cannot seem to get it printing Colorfabb XT with any success. When I first got the printer I tried the PLA that came with it and the prints came out fine, however since changing to XT I have had only one completed print.

Any of the following happens each time I print:

- When printing the first few layers some of the lines are either missed, straight lines are created where there should be curves, or the lines blob and cut off before they reach their destination. When it blobs the head usually catches as its passes over and then moves the print out of position.

- Prints lift off the bed, this has happened at various stages of the print, including just half an hour from completion on a 5 hour print. This usually causes the print to be removed completely from the bed and then pushed off while the printer carries on extruding in mid air.

Very frustrating as a lot of time and material is being wasted as I try different printer settings. I have re-calibrated, ensured the print bed is spotless and tried many different temperatures, print speeds, layer heights, brims, rafts and so on.

Current settings are:

Print Temp: 250

Print Speed: 40

Bed Temp: 70

Fill Density: 15%

Layer height varies from print to print but is usually around 0.1

What would you guys recommend? Any help would be really appreciated!


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Posted · XT Issues

Regarding lifting off:

- is your bed leveling right? You can try squashing the first layer a bit more and also printing the first layer slower.

- I had to bump up my bed temperature to 75 degrees to improve stickiness. The screws under the glass plate may create an air-gap and your real glass temperature may be lower than the reading.

- I am actually printing XT in an enclosed printer (originally designed for ABS). Printing 200x200x120mm objects without lifting.

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Posted (edited) · XT Issues

First; when you just started stick to pla unless there's a real good reason why you would need XT,  abs, or others.

For XT you temp seems ok. Think you need to use glue. I use "cubestick" for XT but for sure other stuff works (anyone please pitch in ... does hears pray work with XT? )

I personally find stringing almost impossible to avoid with XT and also have had plenty issues with poor layer bonding / weak parts, also when printing slow and hot like you do.

And just closing the front of the machine will probably also help already... plenty of quick designs on youmagine.com

And if you need more help please share a picture of the issue.

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Posted · XT Issues

I agree. Start printing with PLA is much easier. I am not sure about 70 degrees this high with XT, while my very workable setting with average PLA is 210 degrees with a heatbed of 60 degrees.

My last sharing is that small objects of say finger-size in height and less than an inch in diameter appears very sensitive to heat, even to a degree or 2 of adjustments differs a great lot.

Hope my 2 cents helps. :)


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