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Real basic, Cura 15.04.03 vs Cura 15.06.03

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Posted · Real basic, Cura 15.04.03 vs Cura 15.06.03

I am pretty new to Cura and how releases work and got confused today.

I have been using 15.06.03 (beta, I guess) and got an email about 15.04.03 being released. So wanting the latest, I downloaded and installed it.

I tried using it and some of the familiar things I have in 15.06 were not available in .04. I could not even figure out how to tell it where to save my file.

Long story short I went back to .06.

So my question/assumption is this....15.04.03 is the latest official release, is that correct.

15.06.03 is the latest beta/next generation version, is that correct.

Any input for a Cura newbie would be appreciated. I have been using other slicers for 3 year so I am not a rookie, just one with Cura on my Ultimaker 2.


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Posted · Real basic, Cura 15.04.03 vs Cura 15.06.03

15.04.02 was the last release of the "classic" Cura, before it was completely rewritten. The 15.06 versions were the first public releases of the new, rewritten from scratch Cura.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with a complete rewrite, the 15.06 versions had quite a few bugs and missing features, and have since been labeled "beta" versions. Since then there have been much improved beta versions (the 15.09/15.10 releases). Because these versions are still not as stable as the classic Cura, 15.04 is the recommended version at this time.

15.04.03 has been released as a (final?) update of the "classic" Cura to (better) support the Olsson block for the UM2.

As far as I know, a stable version of 15.09 is expected to be released fairly soon. If you prefer using 15.06 over 15.04, I encourage you to try out the 15.09 version (currently at 15.09.91):



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