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  1. I am having this issue. Using Nylon if that is relevant. I unloaded and it does not recognize it is unloaded. Cancel, do it again, reload. and it does not realize it is loaded. Just keeps extruding without giving me the option of confirm until many, many feet have extruded. After reading all of the comments, it sounds like the sensor may be dirty and is not realizing when filament is loaded or unloaded. Any thoughts on that? I am going to try to finish the print as I do not know if doing maintenance to the print core will cancel the print or not.
  2. I got my upgrade kit in the mail in USA the other day. Installed it yesterday using video as instruction. Very easy upgrade, pretty much fool proof. My only problem is it is taking forever to download the latest version of Cura so I can select 2+ and update firmware. When set at 2, the feeder runs backwards and won't load.:(
  3. Okay, no jokes. Sometimes when printing, I am using gray PLA right now, I have printing issues where the piece comes out rough and very flexible when it should be stiff. For example, I am printing a frame made out of I-beams. It is a scale model of some industrial equipments. It was not printing smooth infill or a smooth surface, so I thought it was going to fast for the extrusion volume and the temp. I was using the default temp and lowered it to 220. Increased the flow to 120% to try to compensate for what seemed to be under extrusion. I ended up stopping the part at about 1 inch tall
  4. I am pretty new to Cura and how releases work and got confused today. I have been using 15.06.03 (beta, I guess) and got an email about 15.04.03 being released. So wanting the latest, I downloaded and installed it. I tried using it and some of the familiar things I have in 15.06 were not available in .04. I could not even figure out how to tell it where to save my file. Long story short I went back to .06. So my question/assumption is this....15.04.03 is the latest official release, is that correct. 15.06.03 is the latest beta/next generation version, is that correct. Any input for a
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