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Can I correct over-extrusion in CURA?

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I am using Cura with a Printerbot and its been flawless.. But my Hot End has been jamming frequently causing my extruder struggle and I decided to change it.

I originally planned to go for the UBIS Metal.. But after ordering it I read a lot of horror stories so in the end bit the bullet and went for an E3D.

Problem is, I am now getting terrible prints.. When I get the nozzle set low enough for the job to stick, it then scrapes/scratches the job as it prints

The theory is that I am over extruding and wonder if there are any settings I could use in Cura to experiment..

I assumed the "Flow %" value would do it, but I have read it does nothing.

Is there an easy way to reduce my extrusion rate to see if I can get this under control?


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Change the steps per mm of your extruder.


I am getting inconsistent results to my measurements of the extruder so have been unable to calculate the correct value.. But I guess if I make a note of what it is now, and crudely make adjustments (Without doing the maths) I can see the effects of under/over extrusion.

What exactly does "Flow%" do? WOuld that not cause the printer to extrude less/more than it should?


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It should change the amount of material extruded. Where have you read that the flow does nothing?


:) i read a comment on another forum and then i assumed you confirmed it above.

I am sure it does something as the "cost" (and lengh of filament used) changes when you alter the flow.

So my wuestioj stands.. would the flow have the same effect as changing the Steps per mm?

I just want a dynamic option i can easily change to do some tests.

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