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ridges/lines on outside of print

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Posted · ridges/lines on outside of print

every print i attempt has these lines/ridges on the outside of them and im not sure what the problem is.

ive tried two different spools of filament so that isnt the issue, and ive been preparing prints the same way i always have, the stl and the gcode files are clean, any ideas?

print settings:


cura 15.04


normal quick print settings:

0.1 layer height

0.8 shell thickness

0.6 bottom top thickness

20% fill density

50mm/s print speed


no support

retraction on

fan on





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Posted · ridges/lines on outside of print


Welcome to the forum.

That is a lot of movement between the lines.

Seems limited to a single axis so either its the bed that have some play or one of the axis of the print head that is moving around causing random drifting.

Check this guide. Its full of great information


1. Check the print bed to see if it is loose from left to right or front to back.

- go in the advanced menu on the UM2 and select raise buildplate.

- while the print bed is raising put your hand on the bed (dont put pressure) to see if you feel some movement. You'll feel the vibrations from the motor but you should not feel movement.

- once raised try moving the bed sideways and front/back.

2. Check the print head axis

- Make sure the belts of the axis stepper motor have enough tension (http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/23-a-visual-ultimaker-troubleshooting-guide#leaning)

- check that each axis rods have no play (grab each rod individually and look to see if its can slide out of place. If its the case you will need to loose the screws on the rod, center the rod, align the belts and tighten the screws again.

- check the center rods to see that the are all properly snapped in the black locks holding the belts. Sometimes they can be only partially snapped and the will be slightly angled.

- make sure the axis are straight. Place the print head in the far corner and look to see if each axis reach the same location from one end to the other (http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/23-a-visual-ultimaker-troubleshooting-guide#misaligned-axes)

One last point. There is only limited use of Raft with the Ultimaker printers. Its rarely used by anyone since they have the heated bed.

I hope this will help


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