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Huge problems with Cura 15.04.03 OSX

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Hi guys!

I have no idea what has happened, but it seems like Cura is messing up with the code big time here.

I installed the latest stable version of the Cura for osx and now it seems like 2 out of 5 prints are coming out as should.

Just a couple of minutes ago, I sliced a model, that i have printed at least 20 times, and the print started ok.

Then, et the 3rd layer or so, the printhead just jumped like 5cm to the left and continued to print on the wrong place.

This happened just after the head had moved rapidly to the right with a huge burrrrrrrr sound.

I had problems earlier too. The prints took a total of 8 hours and somewhere at 6th hour or so, the printer did something similar as mentioned above,

Now, this is weird as the model before that, printed just fine. It's the same model!

I now installed the latest beta again, and the printer is printing with the same exact settings without any problems!

here are a couple of photos.

the blue mess is from last night. All good to around 75%, then something has happened.

The black one is what has happened at leat 3 times. A sudden shift, and the top parts can be snapped off, like they were just put there with a tap of glue.

Then there is that one print printed 2 days ago......perfect. It's just as it should be.

All done with same settings,









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Hi, could you tell me what Ultimaker you are using for printing?

The burrrrrrr sound is probably the printhead (motor) missing steps which sounds like a mechanical problem. Or the nozzle got stuck behind a part of the printer and that is what made it loose steps. Where was the head when it made this sound?

The fact it works with beta Cura could might as well be coincidence.

What settings are you printing?

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Sorry it's UM2

The weird thing is that the problems seem to come and go. If i make a speed change or something like that and slice the model again, it may be that the printer does something crazy. Then i slice it again, and voilá! It prints like a champ,

That's why I'm setting my mind on software, rather than mechanical.

The printer is printing as we speak, and there is like zero problems.

I'm printing PLA @ 40mms / 0.1mm layer and 20% infill. 150 movement speed.

220 degrees 60 bed.

So pretty darn basic.

I have noticed that the stable Cura seems to crash and jam from time to time.

Sometimes, when I upload the model, all the text etc disappears from the Cura and I have to quit and restart the program.

I hate it, as the printer seems to work better with the stable build. It seems like it's on acid with the Beta build, as the moves are sharpish and fast.

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One thing that makes me wonder every time is that shift that the head makes at 47-48 sec on the video. It sounds like it's hitting the printed area.

I see this happening on pretty much every print, but only at some areas of the print. Is it really the nozzle hitting the print as it makes the rapid move?

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I am not really seeing it at 47-48 seconds.

It looks to me that the turn it makes at that position is just the path of the model?

Do you think you show it in a different video?

It is possible that the nozzle hits your print.

There are multiple reasons one could think of. The most obvious one would be overextrusion.

You are extruding more than you should. Are you using Ultimaker filament?

Is it happening at an area which just passed something like an overhang?

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