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Taking of the bed to remove finished object?

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Oops, just saw a video from Ultimaker where they took off the whole printing bed after the print and then took of the object from the bed.

I usually pry the object loose from the mounted bed - is it recommended to remove the bed? I mean, it makes sense - the bed is constructed to be easily removed - but who of you does remove it to get the print?

Just curious... :-)

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hammer to get your print off ?

what situation do you need a hammer ?


Sometimes, an object with a larger footprint ( like the owl: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18218) is easier to "knock off" with a hammer. With a tap against the (back)side and off it goes. But that induces shock into the bed and the arms which carry the bed.

Yes, technically one would not need a hammer - other weighted things would also work - and "hammer it off" sounds maybe a bit too harsh, as I don't smash the hammer into the object as you would when hammering a nail into wood =)

But some objects really stick well. I use yellow TESA 4840 tape instead of the scotch one. Got the idea from Gregor Luetolf and his Blog: http://www.3drucken.ch/2012/07/auf-der-suche-nach-dem-abdeckband.html

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