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Bad extruding (Tiny line - normal line)

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Posted · Bad extruding (Tiny line - normal line)

Printer: Ultimaker 2

Trying to print, but on the first layer it can be seen that line is changing from thick to thin.

I can't understand why this is happening. Changed: feeder, firmware, extruder, filament tube.

what else can be the problem?



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Posted · Bad extruding (Tiny line - normal line)

It's probably slipping in the feeder. The feeder is pretty powerful - about 5kg of force normally. So for it to slip implies very heavy friction in the bowden or pressure in the head.

I recommend installing the IRobertI feeder only if it helps you feel the pressure and feed by hand so you have an idea of the forces and the friction. But this is not the fastest way to fix it.

It could be your problem is that the filament is 3mm filament instead of 2.85mm. 3mm filament will get stuck in the tube.

More likely you are just printing too cold and too fast. By default the bottom layer is much thicker - .3mm - so you have to print it hotter and/or slower. For bottom layer here is max print speeds for each temp. Just try increasing the temp in the TUNE menu to 240C and cutting the speed in half. Just for the bottom layer.

Max recommended speeds for a given temp when layer height is .3mm:

14mm/sec at 200C

20mm/sec at 210C

27mm/sec at 225C

33mm/sec at 240C

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